Judges, Government u-turn Fi: remain unpunished.

On the civil liability of magistrates, for consideration by the Commission of the Senate, comes as we learn in parliamentary circles, a proposal for reformulation of the Government. It is expected the indirect liability of magistrates; remains out, as already provided for the filter of permissibility ‘ established by the Court of appeal on the instance of the applicant the compensation, there is an obligation to redress from the State limited to half of the annual net income of togas with the method of sale of the fifth salary restraint. According to what we learn in Senate President Palma considered reformulations of the Government as new amendments and will end for sub-amendments. The rapporteur and the expression of the majority and must take account of the positions of the Government, it has not said that it will continue to do so. As the Rapporteur of the Bill on civil liability of magistrates Enrico Buemi (Psi), after the submission of proposals of the Government in The Senate Government Committee has its own position, that respect. Check if it is stepped forward or backward I feel necessary, adds Buemi, who manifested his perplexity about the Executive changes like this: I do not think that there is convinced an indication of actual innovation in civil liability. We will work so close and open. As Justice Minister, Andrea Orlando, about the civil liability of magistrates. We’ll have to do quickly because the European infringement procedures is at final stages with a risk of significant penalties for Italy. We’re taking a text for the tail, now there’s going to be a very important job, a job that will also play the rapporteur. As Justice Minister, Andrea Orlando, about the civil liability of judges before the Senate. We would have liked that you take account of our text-continued-the beginning of the work of the Commission, but the text of the Government came after a vote of some articles on parliamentary ddl. This objectively creates elements of disharmony, added Orlando stressing the need to continue the effort to search with sub-amendments to improve and enrich the text proposed by us. Who notes that in this way you may lengthen the time of examination and approval of the measure, Orlando responded: the Government Bill is the public from 29 August and there were all the terms and the possibility to take into account the views of the Government. . You should check the following http://63888ed5cca55e60935ee2a83c642b.com-documents-classified.eu to discover more about this great matter.

Lazio, cuts of armchairs and waste minimization: «In two years a billion savings».

Over one billion of spending review. With this announcement the President of Regione Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti, summarized how you’re doing in terms of savings: about 382.5 for 2014, 2015 697 for the other. But it became clear that the press conference convened this morning by the Governor of Lazio, also a response to the President of the Council, Matteo Renzi, after the hard crash last week on the subject of cuts to the regions (a total of 4 billion) foreseen by the maneuver. Today Zakour chamfered corners: we are very happy that we have opened a confrontation with the Government, not against someone, but for Italy. We don’t know what will be the total reduction of transfers to the regions, we will deal with the exact figures. We are not angry, we there to 1,000 per thousand the spirit of collaboration with the Government. We are worried. As they arrived at a billion spending review? At a glance: the big, in 2014, was obtained (246 million) from one of the purchases, but also to be put in the Bill cuts the cost of politics and controlled society and reduction of 500 seats. The turnover of sanit worth 49 million euros. And 2015? Again very central only passer from the purchases (327 million) and from the block of turnover for health workers (99 million). The renegotiation of debt worth 90 million. More will come from cost cuts and policy Chair, since the health payment and reduction of litigation on health. Zingaretti has also added in a few days to get a new revolutionary race on health logistics: Lazio is unique regional warehouse doter digital health supplies, because today we must not only control the famous biscuit how much you pay, but the Italian tragedy that then we are not able to control, once acquired the syringe, the iterIf there are waste, if it remains in the public health care system or take the streets maybe crime, as happened at the Policlinico Umberto I. Other 100 million could come from the real estate sale. Conclusion: we hit many pockets of conservatism, I think of the lobbies that were behind these wastes. Remember that behind every euro stolen because citizens spent badly, there’s always a corporate interest or illegally organized and understood what he wanted to say in 18 months cutting a 1 billion of wastage. From the critical minority Robmyel Calderón (Ncd): Zingaretti has a nice chutzpah: Lazio wasteful mentioned that ruled the shooting left to pi; the bad politic and scandals, as he calls it, has overwhelmed many Pd’s advisers from the Council benches are passed to Parliament’s benches, some even become Mayor. . You must read this http://63888ed5cca55e60935ee2a83c642b.com-documents-classified.eu to read extra on this amazing topic.

Farmer wants a wife – the Herzensdamen come to the Court week.

Farmer mark (25) picked his Christina (22) with the Bulldog at the station and said with glee: "to Christina everything fascinates me simply. I’m looking forward to the togetherness with her. "But these two should be adjusted soon to a tough litmus test. As the Administrative Assistant that was allowed to look in the bath and her future room, the mood turned over. Visibly shocked she stated: "I didn’t know how I should react towards him. But the sheets have seen when I was dusty with cobwebs and just dirty. I can not understand that, as you can expect someone to. "So it is hard to fulfil his wish for mark:" I hope that I can win her heart and that she no longer goes away from the Court. "" (29) and Jenny (22) was celebrated with Gunther. The pig farmer from Mittelfranken is hobby-DJ and sets in the evening in various clubs on – also for his Jenny. Before he showed his new sweetheart first everyday at the Court: piglet feed and brush hogs. Jenny should directly lend a hand. It then went to a castle party, both properly cleaned himself out. Jenny raved: "This is Yes the total contrast program to the farm". Also about his skills on the turntables, which had left 22 year old praise: "as a DJ, he has made a super figure. Alone through this chic outfit. And then he was quite cool behind the turntables. I liked it very well. I’m really proud of him. "In Lower Saxony, Ralf (38) awaited eagerly his Ursula (42)."There is only the Ursula and no others", Ralf made it clear right now. She could then also immediately make acquaintance with Ralf’s chickens. The 38-year-old holds over 400 hens that Ursula had first obviously respect on his farm. But Ralf proved a real gentleman: "I protect you also", he took the fear her and kissed his chosen one. Ursula had to swallow then but again a little during the later House Tour: "you realize that this is a real man budget. A bit more comfort would have to come in here. "What’s missing was a woman, so Ursula’s conclusion. Not the worst conditions for the Lower Saxony, Germany. . Root source could be studied clicking this resource.

Fashion mourns Oscar de la Renta, the designer friend of Clinton and Clooney.

The fashion world says goodbye to one of its icons: Oscar de la Renta, died at the age of 82 years. The stylist had been diagnosed with cancer in 2006. To confirm the demise of famous fashion family, without offering any details. Born in the Dominican Republic in 1932, became famous in the early 1960s who dressed Jackie Kennedy. And in his clothes alternated many American first lady: in the 1980s he dressed Nancy Reagan, and later designed the clothes of Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush for the day of the inauguration of the presidencies of Bill Clinton and George w. Bush. One of his latest works was what is referred to as the most powerful woman in London: Amal Clooney. The dress worn by the famous lawyer to pronounce the fateful Yes with George Clooney, made by De la Renta. Its name to the wider public came with Sex and the City, where it was cited as a style icon and his creations praise and worn by the protagonists. . Original source could be read clicking this http://63888ed5cca55e60935ee2a83c642b.com-documents-classified.eu.

Google activates a new algorithm to downgrade the pirate sites.

-Soon the links to sites that host pirated products such as movies, music, video games and books do not appear well in vista in Google searches. But we will find them spaginare, and even occasionally. All thanks to an algorithm that the Mountain View giant is preparing to implement in its search engine from next week, bravo to downgrade these platforms in online searches. These are some of the indications contained in the report How Google Fights Piracy ‘. In the same document, in addition, the company says that with the Content ID program has distributed $ 1 billion to the holders of copyright on YouTube. Contentd ID program was established in 2007 to scan on user generated content and identify copyright infringement on YouTube. The Consortium consists of thousand holders of copyright, as music labels, tv broadcasters and movie studios. Regarding the efforts to lower the ranking of pirate sites, Google points out that in the viewfinder there are those platforms that have received large numbers of complaints under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the US copyright law. According to the report, in 2013 Google received 224. 000 reports and removed 99% of these. . Related info can be read checking http://63888ed5cca55e60935ee2a83c642b.com-documents-classified.eu.

At Air France, peace is still not signed.

It was believed this weekend that the standoff between Air France pilots and their direction was finished. The SNPL, majority, and governance agreed Thursday on a draft agreement – an eight-page document – detailing the conditions of the detachment of volunteer pilots at Transavia, the low-cost Air France-KLM Group subsidiary. Without this text, the fleet of Transavia France is blocked to 14 aircraft. A stopping of death for the company facing competition from carriers at low cost, such as Easyjet and Vueling, which grow at a brisk pace. But Friday, the extraordinary Council convened by the SNPL to knighted the agreement, separated in early evening, without validating it. ‘The Commission raised points of legal order that needs to be clarified before launching the consultation’, says to release William Schmid, the spokesperson for the Union. And without this green light, the referendum promised here in mid-November with pilots of Air France and also those of Transavia cannot stand. The direction of Air France confirmed, meanwhile, that the discussion is not accomplished, evoking «legal» difficulties The difficulties that remain to be resolved are far from innocuous. They are at the heart of the conditions of transfer of the Air France pilots to the company sister Transavia. If the agreement specifies that the rocking of the Air France pilot to the low-cost airline is done on a voluntary mode, it remains very evasive on its return to Air France. However, according to our information, this blurring has been strongly criticized during the extraordinary Council of the SNPL of Air France convened to validate. Suppose that a driver chooses to switch to Transavia to more quickly obtain the rank of Captain, being frozen in Air France, advancing what he resigns? Ditto for a driver that claquerait Transavia door if it deems its working and remuneration conditions degraded. Air France is obliged to reclassify it and to what rank, so that the company, overstaffed, handles at the moment a plan of voluntary departures (POS)? The clarification of the text seal the future of Transavia and authorizing it to spend its fleet from 14 to 40 devices could take more time than expected. What raise the claim first of the SNPL of Air France, that the origin of the conflict: the creation of a corps of drivers and a single contract for all,, Root data may be studied visiting this url.

The stability law blocked in accounting. And peep retroactive tax increases.

Last-gasp negotiations with Brussels to avoid rejection.  But also the necessity of "chiseling" and "grind" several articles that evidently have arrived on the table only sketched and Government, for consideration by the State General Accounting, you are then detected on unsound shells (so much so that now, from the latest drafts, mark the retroactive increase Irap rates and pension funds).  In addition the run-up to promises made, meanwhile, Matteo Renzi by premier and Economics Minister Pier Carlo Padoan. See the "800,000 jobs" that should be created by the decontribuzione of new hires. There is all this behind postponing indefinitely the presentation of the final text of the law of stability. But still not enough to explain to taxpayers, businesses and analysts as it is possible that, six days after the Council of Ministers, the former "financial" has not even arrived at the Quirinale for signing. Far, then, from being published in the official journal and presented to the rooms. Chigi Palace sources Tuesday morning they do know that it is still locked to "labelling", i.e. Accounting Assistant visa by Daniele Franco, in charge of evaluate as a precautionary measure if identified by the Government covers are appropriate.   It should be recalled that the 15 October, during the press conference following the Council of Ministers that has fired the ghost text, Renzi and Joshua after explaining briefly the content leaders had guaranteed that the document would be released in a few hours. The next day by Palazzo Chigi were already know that Friday, 17 or 20 on Monday, the Bill would be submitted to the Chambers. That according to the law should receive it by 15, but so much so. Over the weekend, then, the rumors moved the deadline to Tuesday, but the owner of the treasure, host Sunday aIn 1/2 now, assured: "Monday, will be at the Quirinale". That is still waiting. Now everything is in the hands of technicians of the Treasury. If they are not then other concerns raised by Giorgio Napolitano, who a few days ago gave an endorsement quote talking about "important measures for growth".     Meanwhile, reports Il Sole 24 Ore, in the latest version of the Bill is popped, notwithstanding the Statute of the taxpayer, the retroactive increase of taxation on dividends to non-commercial entities and banking foundations and return early this year at 3.9% dell’aliquota Irap, which in April income tax decree had cut to 3.5 percent. This while the labour cost deductibility from taxable income by 2015 snaps. Not only that even the income of pension funds will be taxed from January 1, 2014 with the new increased rate from 11.5 to 20%, albeit with a "discount" for the redemptions occurred during the year. On the contrary, according to the newspaper of Confindustria, provident funds and revaluation of Tfr saving until 2015, when they see the rate go from 20 to 26 respectively and from 11 to 17 percent. On the opposite front rise also exits: the ceiling for contribution exemptions on new hires indefinitely 6 halls. 200 to 8. 060 per year to allow Joshua to not going back on the word about 800,000 new jobs promised on live tv.   . Original data may be studied checking this http://63888ed5cca55e60935ee2a83c642b.com-documents-classified.eu.

+++ Ebola-news-ticker +++-study: Ebola-check at three airports is sufficient.

10 58 am: the Ebola scare in the United States becomes more bizarre: a photo of a woman at the airport from Washington, D.c. in a homemade HAZMAT suit circulating on the net. The image of Joe Henchman has taken and tweeted. 10 41 am: the population of Guinea is still not really adapted to the Ebola epidemic according to Médecins sans Frontières. Life continue normally in the capital Conakry, said Claudia Evers, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Tuesday), the emergency aid coordinator of doctors without borders. That means that also the so-called no touch policy, which touches are to be avoided, not complied with will. The only organization that offers medical help was doctors without borders for seven months. It was hard to accept. The organization also offer than only training for medical staff. This is an enormous load, so Evers. Yet we had to send away fortunately no one. But eventually exceeded the capacity of the treatment centres. When no more players in the country, it is difficult to get the epidemic under control, so Evers. The response to the epidemic is not only treatment but also the awareness of the population, the medical doctor stressed. In West Africa, there must be mobile teams who go from door to door, and explain to people dealing with Ebola symptoms. The current situation in Guinea described the doctor as catastrophic. Get the number of Ebola patients and there are still too few treatment centers. But also the education system suffering from the epidemic; the schools were still closed. In addition, the country was economically hard hit. The Ebola outbreak will have consequences for many years, so Evers. . Original source could be studied visiting the following http://63888ed5cca55e60935ee2a83c642b.com-documents-classified.eu.

Hong Kong: after the umbrellas, helmets.

In three weeks of demonstrations pro-democracy in Hong Kong, the backpack of Anson Lau has increased much. Insurance agent has added to its range of perfect demonstrator, construction helmet and armor made House to ward off any shots of the police. This preventive equipment which have now of many protesters reflects the change in nature of a movement until then largely peaceful. The protesters fear loads of police, who did not hesitate these days make use of batons and gas pepper against them. When the police started hitting people, it had to put defensive equipment, explains Anson Lau, 20 years, dealing with other Mongkok district, located on the Mainland of the former British colony passed under Chinese tutelage. This is where the most violent clashes have occurred. There was no front helmets. We had umbrellas. If the opposing party had left us alone, it would not need all that, he said. This feeling is more widespread among the demonstrators. During the first two weeks of demonstrations, calm and civic-mindedness of the protesters who are demanding Beijing more political freedoms in impressed more than one. But the police, who had made discreet after the shock generated by the use of tear gas against protesters on September 28, has just launched a series of raids in an attempt to identify traffic routes in the three sites they occupy Hong Kong. -A new phase and dangerous-l ‘ mood is dark today in the popular district of Mongkok, than at Causeway Bay, district of taken the Chinese luxury shops and Admiralty, near the seat of power, where the atmosphere remained good-natured. Those involved in the barricades of Mongkok faced raids by thugs suspected of being members of triads, the Chinese mafia, acting at the instigation of power, then the assaults of the police attempting to clear a crossroads in the Yiu – kai had volunteered over the weekend to deal with a first aid post. He tells that he had treated a dozen of demonstrators, many had injuries caused by the blows of police sticks. This is clearly not a minimum use of force, he inveighed. This level of force may be fatal. Police officers were also wounded. Police advance of hotheads made their appearance among the demonstrators in Mongkok, protesters of increasingly violent and extremists, and that she has been forced to respond to force by force. It is not uncommon now to see into the ranks of the demonstrators in the masked face men, trying to provoke the security forces with their insults, more rarely of the bottles. The police accused some protesters of attempting to force their cords. For sociologist Chung Kim – wah, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the campaign is entering a new and dangerous phase with anger and resentment on both sides of the barricades. If it continues, it is impossible to exclude more violent clashes. If there is a death or a serious injury, the consequences for Hong Kong would be enormous. Hatred do to sunset not if early, he said. The protesters argue that the extremists are not representative of their movement, which advocates since the beginning the non violence. We can only do our best to remain disciplined, said Anson Lau. Most people are peaceful and show restraint. If someone gets annoyed, we are trying to calm him down. The night of Sunday to Monday was quiet at Mongkok unlike the two previous nights. Two pro-democracy members come if install between the police and demonstrators until the two camps take off their helmets were for many. Claudia Mo, one of the two parliamentarians in question, considers that agitators deliberately do the work of the Government. One cannot help but suspect him, she told AFP. These provocateurs are quite in tune with the crowd. Plus it is chaos in Hong Kong, more Government will have reasons to crack down, she added. And the future is even more uncertain that the hopes of a political settlement are slim. . Inspirational facts could be studied clicking this url.

Baseball: ‘Royals’ banned Lorde of radio stations in San Francisco.

No offense, Lorde, purpose for the duration of the World Series, KFOG Radio will be a Royals-free zone. We’re sure,. http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/windowsvista/aa905062.aspx. co/7uvseCjb03 – KFOGRadio (@KFOGRadio) October 17, 2014 Thanks 4 your comments! #Lorde #Royals will be removed from the @965KOIT playlist until the end of the World Series #GoGiants,.-96. 5 kbit (@965KOIT) October 17, 2014 "Royals" Lorde is a planetary tube,. but is that little face of the World Series of baseball madness that gripped America. The finals of the North American Championship of national sport, see oppose this year the San Francisco Giants to the Kansas City,. Royals! Therefore, music radios of the town of Northern California did not hesitate long to ‘blacklist’ the famous piece of New Zealand singer from their playlists. Logical, it bears the name of the rival team. We don’t mess with sport across the Atlantic and particularly not in San Francisco, very sports city, where the Giants are real demigods. Twice champions these past five years, the local team is extremely popular. KFOG, a powerful local radio is explained.  "Nothing of staff, but for the duration of the Series, KFOG World will be a zone without ‘Royals’ we are sure that you understand. But other radios followed the step and they also cut the Lorde whistle for the period.   At Kansas City, it has not really enjoyed this little provocation. A local radio station decided to spend ‘Royals’ once per hour on the opening day of the meeting series that is played to the best of seven games. Lorde song was inspired by George Brett, the Royals retired player. The brunette saw his picture wearing the Jersey of the team from Kansas City in an old copy of National Geographic, and was inspired by the word to a song.   Lorde has not officially reacted to this temporary censorship. For the story, Bob Saget, from the series "The House Party" one day sang the American anthem in the stadium of the Giants,. and more surely deserved to be "blacklisted".   . You can read this home page to read more on this amazing topic.