“Having more data doesn’t mean that there is better information”.

A. There are many things you cannot do the technology. The statistics tell you that the majority of those who die drowned in the ocean are very good swimmers. With that data in hand, if you wonder if you should teach your children to swim, the answer is no. And there are no technology that you can use data that you can collect to explain the decision of who was that it out to swim and put himself in danger. You can that you have overestimated your ability, but I don’t know that! Which solution offers you the big data? Seize all children of Madrid, shoot them to five kilometres from the coast and reach the right conclusion that that nothing worse drowns before and to not know swimming does not save you from die drowned, so we must teach children to swim. But I do not think that we should get to that point to have that answer [laughs]. More venture capital funds that failed after using big there are data that funds which have triumphed. And we are talking about the financial sector: very smart people. R what we try to is to find the most relevant information; for example, what we do with the prices. Along with Alberto Cavallo, another professor at MIT, we have 12 years coordinating a project to improve the collection of statistical data through new technologies. Take the case of Amazon, which sells nearly 53 million of products. Imagine that I want to measure how much have changed the prices on Amazon. I have the ability to get all that information; He is me no problem. But more than 22 million of those products are books or music. And only 500 of these books represent more than 90% of sales. I just need those 500 books to get a relevant piece of information. What get off the rest? It is totally useless. It is an example that is not brute force. R we are speaking of the information revolution, but in many cases lack of knowledge when it comes to knowing what information. A company you can collect a lot of data and sell them to you. You, as you have no idea, think that with these data you can learn everything. But when there are people who know how to ask those data, are questions randomly. And when you ask random questions, get answers at random. If the only thing you have sold a couple of poorly made correlations, you take wrong decisions based on those data. And you fail. There are people investing lots of money in collecting data, but they don’t know that when more data you have harder is to process them, and remain seated without knowing what to do with them. Those are resources that are lost. . You must click this http://6e6cc66356bf969fd082a6a9.steffenbachmeier.eu to discover extra about this interesting matter.

Paris, Jim Morrison still haunts the Père-Lachaise Cemetery.

His death provoked a slew of rumors. His death is far from easy. Jim Morrison, the lead singer of the Doors, still haunts the cemetery of Père Lachaise in Paris, where he is based for more than forty years. On the edge of his grave, are signs of life that obvious first, reflections of a Dionysian to the myth of the sex-symbol and poet devotion cursed rock, died aged 27 in Paris, 3 July 1971: flowers and portraits of the ephebe, chewing gum already chewed, lovingly glued in ex-voto on a trellis around the trunk of a nearby tree. The most varied tributes bloom year-round, and not just for Halloween. Sometimes butts or bottles of whisky for a champion of the use of drugs and alcohol, a few locks of love on the metal barrier, last find of tourists in Paris. The modest Tomb, engraved with the inscription in Greek KATA TON DAIMONA EAYTOY (faithful to his own demon), loving cohorts of admirers of the Cantor of the flower power and revolt against authority, from around the world. As further afield in the cemetery, the poet Oscar Wilde, covered with footprints of kisses and lipstick marks. Impossible to come so far without seeing the grave of Jim Morrison, says John, Australian tourist, visiting Paris with his wife Trish. Alongside them that morning, a lone man Mumbles indistinct words. Of Ukrainian take picture. A young Israeli said be there in the footsteps of his father, who came 30 years ago. -Rumors about a grave – the district, traders may remember that some July 3, anniversary date of the death of the breaker of taboos subscribed to the public scandals, copiously watered by its fans. A seller of memories still devotes part of its window to the objects in the image of one who was proclaimed the Lizard King in his poem The celebration of the lizard. With the tomb of Frédéric Chopin, it is the most visited Tomb in the cemetery, confirms Paul Bauer, guide-lecturer of Père-Lachaise. Is there a form of tribute which can take the form of an emotional ritual, a way to let a trace analysis Dana Groud, curator of heritage at the service of the cemeteries in the city of Paris. Ms. Groud admits a certain weariness to be always questioned in the same Tomb by the press, while the cemetery welcomes some architectural nuggets and dozens of graves of personalities of arts or politics since the 19th century. But all time, there were a lot of rumors about the grave of Jim Morrison, she admits. A ride on the internet and found some: since + Jim Morisson is not really dead, he lives secluded somewhere far from the world + to + the concession of the vault was only forty years, and the body will be + moved. On these two rumors, Ms. Groud brings a formal disclaimer: this burial exactly the same status than most of the tombs of the Parisian cemeteries, and in particular those of Père-Lachaise says. It is a perpetual concession which contains the body of the famous singer and who is there for life. Of a forty-year concession period, it never existed in the Père-Lachaise, adds. -Rumors about a death – on the contrary, another rumor, on the actual circumstances of his death by overdose in a Parisian club, was recently confirmed by two witnesses. That of the creator of club Rock’n roll circus Sam Bernett, then in August 2014, English of the singer Marianne Faithfull. In an interview with the British magazine Mojo, she stated that her boyfriend at the time, the french nobleman Jean de Breteuil, dealer of the stars, was the real responsible for the death of Morrison, who was returned to speed home to try to avoid a scandal in the nightclub where he was. His evidence permanently scans the official cause of death – heart failure while taking her bath-. This version was particularly conveyed by filmmaker Agnès Varda, linked to Morrison at the time, who was one of the few people present at his funeral. Asked by AFP on this subject, Director did respond by mail that she had in his time makes a statement about the disappearance of Jim Morrison and that she no longer wished to take the floor on this subject since. What hope provide the rest. Eternal this time. . Extended data can be read reading info.

The ECB’s intervention? It is not enough. Gianni Pardo.

The weight of this cost depends on the health of the company. If it has high profits, substantial disbursements also do not discourage; If instead it is marginal and barely standing, will close following the first change in the market. In fact banks will hardly credit. At a time of stagnation, to revive the business, you need the obvious ploy to provide countercyclical capital at low interest rate. Is currently the European Central Bank. And since the money that it lends to banks is not the result of savings but collection of the work of the Mint, has almost brought to zero said interest. The aim would be to encourage the resumption of production (reducing the cost of capital for start-ups), but so far the results are very scarce. It is normal. If you do not see opportunities for profit, enterprises do not arise. Even if the capital is offered at low cost. On the other hand banks, who are happy to source the capital almost for free, are much less happy to rischiarli and lose them. They therefore do not become less wary of customers and as a result the credit taps to enterprises have not been much open. The banks should take the ECB’s money and then invest in profitable bonds, earning safely and turning inches. The move, also officially retried, has its advantages. The countries afflicted by a large public debt, to repay maturing bonds and pay interest, have continuously need to place their securities on stock market, obtaining fresh money. At this point it is a godsend to have banks ready to buy the securities, keeping high the demand and depressing as a result interest rates payable. Note that, if the hypothesis first year lapsed a tenth Italian debt, and if you could not sell new titles, we’ll be having to pay two hundred billion. that obviously we don’t have. This means that the non-placement would correspond to the default. Unfortunately everything is illusory. It is as if someone was reputedly solvent only because it says they have it. The money that the ECB lends is faced with nothing: not from wealth produced and discarded by investors, and if it were placed in a circle would cause inflation. The same banks who invest in government bonds they hold in wallets (only for profit interest) and thus increase money supply which weighs on the head of the entire continent as an immense sword of Damocles. Everything is based on the belief that the moment of reckoning is still far away. But what justifies this trust? Banks, also aware of the precariousness of the situation, consider that, if the entire system was in crisis, there would be no other company policy that would save. If States will sink, sink with them and will certainly not only to mourn. Therefore, until the thing works, you go ahead. Private trust is less understandable and could be caused by misinformation. Aside from the fact that they might choose other investments (also abroad, even in other currencies) and escape any disaster, their peace of mind stems from prejudice that public investment is safe. The States cannot fail. Over all-male that go-the European Union and other States, not to be involved in the disaster, intervene to save us. And therefore are content even of low yields determined by purchases of banks. But they are wrong. Firstly it is not said that States cannot fail. There have been Nations that have ceased payments. And especially in history have never had so many been so heavily indebted: this is a new situation. Also-and this is crucial-if a big state cannot be saved. You have attempted to Greece, but it would be almost impossible for an elephant like Italy. It says too big to fail, but one should add that if, in spite of being big, a State fails, then it’s too big to be rescued. And we are not talking about a crisis involving other countries. The difficulties of the real economy are not solved by monetary or financial maneuvers. With these manoeuvres the problems may mask, you can sidestep, you can return, but in the end, if you do not heal the underlying economy, there will be a time when fatally la cambiale will be presented to the Cabinet. And that day-as I said-they mourn not only the banks. . Additional info can be found checking weblink.

Brétigny accident: a report incriminates the “urgency culture”.

He said that the accident "has brutally fulfilled deficiencies on the prevention of risks that resulted from derivatives and oldest disorders in the organisation of work, in its modes of supervision, pilotage as much as in the means implemented". "These derivatives and its disorders are are amplified in time without that corrective measures up to the challenges have been taken", adds the report. The Apteis cabinet handed Friday this report to the CHSCT of the Southwest infrapole establishment Ile-de-France region, which depends on Brétigny-sur-Orge. It points to, inter alia, a "trivialization of labour in an emergency" resulting from "maintenance delayed" an aging network, and «the competent workforce reduction», recruits needing to be trained.  "Brétigny as elsewhere, the Decade of the 2000s saw the field operate from numerous mergers and reorganizations that have been accompanied by drastic reductions in material and human resources", is it still written, with, on this sector, a situation aggravated by "large circulations. Experts recommend "refound the Organization of the maintenance on a reliable basis" in order to "break with the culture of urgency", but also ‘address the chronic understaffing and the skills gap’, and "promote the setting up of an organization focused on safety". Other recommendations are issued as reduce the painfulness and including night work. According to experts, limit the frequency of trains on certain timeslots could perform day some control on roads. Parts of the track should be replaced before reaching the age of 25 years, Visual tours of surveillance should be strengthened, and touring mechanized, better used, they advocate.   This report, which is not a legal document, will be presented to the members of the CHSCT November 12. Contacted by AFP, RFF and SNCF have confirmed the existence of this report, but did not wish to comment on it. In early July, a forensic report had severely questioned the rules of maintenance, and relieved "of very many gaps" in monitoring and traceability of operations on this site. The derailment of a Paris-Limoges train in Brétigny-sur-Orge station caused seven deaths July 12, 2013. France (RFF) and the SNCF rail network were under investigation for homicide and involuntary injury in the investigation in Evry on this rail disaster. . Original data may be studied clicking the following http://6e6cc66356bf969fd082a6a9.steffenbachmeier.eu.

Always in conflict, the Ukraine elected Sunday its new Parliament.

The Ukraine holds its breath before Sunday’s early legislative elections during which the pro-Western are strengthening their power during the crisis in the separatist Eastern pro-Russian. "We will finally elect a pro-Ukraine Parliament and not pro-Moscow, determined to fight against corruption rather than be gnawed by bribes, and pro-European," said the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during his last visit to the election campaign, which ended Friday. The elections take place during an extremely difficult period for this former Soviet Republic located at the doors of the European Union. She lost in March the Crimea, attached to the Russia following a referendum unrecognized by Westerners, and it is confronted with a pro-Russian armed insurrection in the mining basin of Donbass. Fighting between the forces of Kiev and the insurgents have made more than 3700 deaths since mid-April, according to the UN. More than 824,000 people were forced to flee their homes because of the hostilities, according to the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) UN: 430 000 people were displaced inside the country, 387 000 have fled to Russia, and 6600 have sought asylum in the EU. The peace process launched by Mr. Porochenko did not completely end the fighting between the army and the separatists, who control part of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, are preparing to hold their own elections on 2 November. While the Russia is accused by Kiev and Westerners of supplying arms to the rebels in the East and there have deployed regular troops, Russian president Vladimir Poutine deplored Friday "lack of goodwill on the part of the authorities in Kiev" to resolve the conflict "through peaceful." The Secretary general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, said that soldiers of the Russian regular forces were still on the territory of Ukraine and called on Moscow to withdraw them. Russia, for its part, denies that its regular forces are present in Ukrainian territory. For the first time in the history of the post-Soviet Ukraine, Parliament should be largely dominated by the pro-Western due to the rise of anti-Russian sentiments. But the vote will not take place in the Donbass traditionally pro-Russian areas held by insurgents. The France, the Germany and the Poland gave Friday their support to the electoral process in Ukraine, at a ministerial meeting near Paris. The German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Frank – Walter Steinmeier, asked that there be "no disturbance in constituencies and polling stations. His french counterpart, Laurent Fabius, wished that the Ukraine "has both very good relations with the European Union and very good relations with the Russia". Two formations heirs of deposed president Yanukovych and strong Ukraine regions party opposition Bloc, could cross the bar of the 5 percent needed to enter Parliament, but the Communists may no longer be represented. The movement of the president is at the top of the polls with more than 30% of voting intentions, followed other pro-Western groups. He hoped a sufficient majority to allow the conduct of reforms vital for this very corrupt country and who suffers a deep recession aggravated by the armed conflict. With the arrival of the cold season, the new Parliament will also resolve the gas dispute with Moscow, which deprives the Ukraine for Russian gas since June and could disrupt European supplies emergency. The negotiations should resume next week and Kiev has already asked Westerners an extension of $ 2 billion to buy Russian gas. . Similar facts can be found reading reference.

Maduro announced that Venezuela will review ‘all relationships’ with Spain.

#28-this is not a trivial issue,. the balance of trade with Venezuela is not very unfavorable,, they are thousands and thousands and thousands of millions,, pod is leave the side simploneria and see that this topic we can negatively impact?,. of Bolivarian more red than the devil Chaves friend bananero of Pablito and all that this very well for bars but this is very complicated foreign policy pol when we have the losing. And everything by mix pol tica exterior with campaign to election,. now plays down ticos neutral diplom pants. And if wants is to get Venezuelans do it: en Espa EST n of paste,. those who fled from Chaves,. and Camino look as low our GDP based on well with their fortunes outside of Spain to. The forced to mola mazo but think before long more. Do send? do qu sell to Venezuela, if you can buy anything, if it isn’t hard?. You can read this home page to learn extra about this interesting matter.

Canada is “jihad” problem “: Canadians attackers from Algeria in Nairobi.

The "Jihad" problem ", the jihad issue. They call it so, many analysts and commentators, the impetus of Islamist radicalism in Canada, one of the country’s most prosperous and "open" in the West. Within three days, the country has witnessed two soldiers killed, a spectacular attack on Parliament, the spread of fear to the streets of the capital. "Finally is about to begin the debate on terrorism at home," wrote a commentator of the Liberal Centre daily Globe and Mail. In fact, a first effect of the events of these days already there: a possible strengthening of the powers of intelligence agencies. The attack on Parliament Hill, where he was killed the alleged assailant, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau recently converted to Islam, is actually the tip of the iceberg of a much deeper phenomenon and branched. Only last Monday, another recent convert to Islam, Martin Couture-Rouleau, 25 years, had launched his car against two soldiers in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, killing one. Martin, who friends and family describe as a boy and who ran a business cleaning services, had converted in 2013 and had shown, through its Facebook page, a transformation in an increasingly radical. Last June, the police had confiscated his passport, for fear that reached Islamist groups in the Middle East, but had not been able to arrest him, no charges against him. If he could leave, and Syria, according to his intentions, Couture-Rouleau would have to at least 90 young Canadians who in recent months have left the country to go fight for Isis. The phenomenon is not limited to just Islamic State. By the time the Canadians are aware that many Canadians have reached various forms of jihadist rebellion in various parts of the world. When, in September 2013, the somali militants Al Shabaab attacked the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, counted among its minimum file a citizen with Canadian passports. A few months before the same scenes of death and horror had occurred at a gas terminal in the South of Algeria. Among the Islamist militants killed by Algerian Government forces there were two Canadians in Ontario, Ali Medlej and Xristos Katsiroubas. As the events of recent days paiano explode suddenly, the roots of radicalisation of some, albeit minimal, the Canadians of the Islamic faith is an ancient phenomenon, whose signs can be traced at least twenty years ago. For years held banco in the chronicles the case of Mohamed Harkat, an Algerian refugee arrested after September 11 on charges of being a "sleeper cell" of Al Qaeda, and that he had even before the passage of fighters from Chechnya to Afghanistan. It is true that in recent times, with the Syrian civil war explode and the escalation of the Iraqi crisis, the flow of fighters from Canada you are directed precisely towards this area. Over a year ago the Chronicle told the story of Ali Mohamed Dirie, a Canadian of Somali descent, died in the fighting in Syria. And only last August, another Canadian, the 23-year-old Abu Turaab al-Kanadi, has posted on Twitter pictures of war material stolen from the Americans. Before he became an enthusiastic follower of Isis, young worked in oil extraction. "Terrorists will find easy refuge", explained a few hours after the attack on the Parliament, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the sentence as well as a response to heat, was also and above all the recognition that in Canada, a country which has always been marked by pride for the defense of the values of tolerance and multiculturalism, is starting another type of debate: one on terrorism and on its effective threat within. On the short term, one of the most pressing problems is to monitor dozens of militants which is prevented from leaving for the hot areas of the world, but which remain a problem for internal security. Over the longer term, the events of recent days will most likely to foster a phenomenon typical of other countries affected by terrorism: the strengthening of the security and intelligence apparatus. Already a few hours after the attack on the Canadian Parliament, some members have called for new powers for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Canadian services. Csis’s authority had been restricted after the abuses committed in the 1980s against Quebec separatists. Domestic terrorism on the rise, some are already asking for the restoration of the old methods: increased powers of spying and eavesdropping, interrogations with fewer guarantees for the suspect, a loosening of controls judicial authorities on what the secret services. . Main source could be read reading the following weblink.

Pub show in Berlin-Neukölln – “Simi wants Klaus Kleber!”.

Every month Simi Simon invites their audience in the Valentinstüberl in Berlin-Neukölln. "Simi Will format" their broadcast that treated the issues, are now invading the social worker and waitress. What began as a spontaneous idea, exist already for 1.5 years. On October 25, 2014 is Simi in the next round. Simi Simon: I wanted to do anything local and imagine for example, my neighbors. I knew: celebrities need and thus "fame" in the room! We just wanted to make television. Random – was that it takes place in a pub, because I kellnere just there. In any case, I want to be the Ina Müller of Neukölln. FOCUS online: "Simi will format". Reminiscent of Anne Will. Simi Simon: Right. It is also actually leaning. That was our first inspiration. I wanted to do something serious and therefore the reference to Anne Will. Initially, I have worn whenever a white blouse and strictly tied to the hair. Now I am as I am and and yet serious. Simi Simon: This was a spontaneous idea at a time where exactly something was missing me. I was bored and I was thinking only about getting older. I wanted to emulate anyone, and you can compare me with anyone. Simi Simon: No! I’m just who I think is good. And these are first and foremost celebrities. But generally people who are noticed in the media what I mean. This can be an author or journalist. And if I then have guests, I’m considering what currently employs me for a theme. This is so a narcissist format. In the last show, our theme was the end of my therapy. In the relationship with my therapist I’ve felt very comfortable. And I dealt with it just. . For extended facts on this topic click source.

Photos from Bangladesh: floods make me mad.

MIRROR ONLINE: Mr Salam, you photograph people in Bangladesh, whose Häuser regularly flooded in Chittagong city, your hometown. What are the causes of this flooding? It started slowly, five or six years ago. At that time the water for the first time in the houses flooded and stayed for a few days. This has repeated every year from June to October. The monsoon brings much rain during this time. In addition the climate change. The water rises higher every year. Salam: people have experienced that they not come into their own. You have many problems: are poor, live in Tin huts and slums. Some do not even have beds, where they can sleep, the sleep directly on the floor. And when the tide comes in at night, they are awakened by the water. As long as it is on the ground, they can not sleep a couple of days. Salam: I am born and brought up in Chittagong. I know this place very well. We have great fear of the future. I think we will have to at some point to leave the House and go away. But we know not where the water penetrates Yes more and more in the cities. Here, many offices and shops are flooded. Also, more and more people in the cities come because they no longer can rely on because the salty water in the country. . You must read the following page to learn extra regarding this great topic.

Stability, Padoan: response to Eu letter maybe tomorrow.

European law remarks by Italian Stability continue to hold counter, in Italy and in Brussels, where the EU Council ongoing. "We are in a friendly and constructive" dialogue with the European institutions, said the Finance Minister, Pier Carlo Padoan, speaking this at a meeting of young people of Confindustria, and "it is obvious that the Commission points out that some parameters are not respected. The reply will be sent quickly, I don’t know if by today. In the letter it says "possibly", maybe we do it the next day. Of this the Commission was warned. " Eu letter issued for the sake of transparency I’m amazed amazement-the Minister continued, referring to the choice of palazzo Chigi to publish the letter from the Commission-we made an act of extreme transparency to prevent the bud the most absurd and fanciful speculations. One of the things that I learned is having to fight the fantasy of the media ". Europe speaks more of austerity but growth Many, in the intervention of Padoan Youth Assembly industry, references to the debate between Eu countries you going to the EU Council, where «no mention over austerity but how to sustain growth and investment, especially private individuals. " In particular, the Minister thinks the 300 billion investments allocated from the next President of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. Yes to improvements, but Stability remains «compact» In view of the parliamentary passage of the stability law, Padoan then hoped that the maneuver to keep his substance ‘ compact ‘. Padoan hopes for ‘ improvements ‘ in the course of the process, but Parliament remains this logic», from the point of view ‘ of the balances, the logic and composition». "I would not interpret the thought in my head, ‘ he added, but" it doesn’t seem that there are surprises. It would be pretty strange. " . For additional facts about this matter read info.