Afghanistan: the United States will have to remain for years to avoid the fiasco of the Iraq.

To avoid in Afghanistan the fiasco of the Iraq, where the United States had left no soldiers, Washington must continue to train and finance the Afghan forces up to a possible peace agreement between Kabul and the Taliban believe experts. And for these specialists interviewed by AFP, the Americans must not only pursue the equipment and training of the Afghan army to fight and the fight against terrorism, but also instill a genuine national feeling among its soldiers. A complex process of institutional construction of a genuine armed national which will necessarily take years. After more than a year of negotiations, the Afghanistan signed Tuesday an agreement of bilateral security (BSA) with the United States and a similar text with NATO: 12. 500 foreign soldiers, including 9. 800 Americans, will remain in the country in 2015, after the end of the combat of the Atlantic Alliance mission. According to the American late may by president Barack Obama, the military presence established calendar will be reduced by half end of 2015, up to a complete withdrawal a year later, with a residual force of 200 soldiers at the Embassy. After the departure of Iraq end 2011, president Obama would be so its last soldiers returned from Afghanistan in January 2017, just before the end of its mandate, and would turn the page of a decade of wars from the after 9 / 11. But for Bruce Riedel, a former CIA agent now expert at the Brookings Institution, this arbitrary deadline of January 2017 has undermined the mission and given the feeling throughout the region that we start running. If we maintain this calendar of the zero option (soldier) by 2017, the Afghanistan will be a new Iraq, warned the analyst, who had the ear of the White House on this issue until 2009. In Iraq, the absence of a BSA, due to a disagreement between Baghdad and Washington on the immunity of American soldiers, resulted in their total withdrawal late 2011, in a country now partly under the control of the Islamic State group. And president Obama acknowledged Sunday that its services had underestimated the threat posed by these jihadists and had not anticipated the collapse of the Iraqi army. -The lessons from Iraq – but for Afghanistan, Washington provides have learned the lessons of the Iraq. The Ambassador in Kabul, James Cunningham, even expressed rather optimistic about the fact that what has happened in Iraq does not happen in Afghanistan. The Afghan armed forces know why they are fighting and (they) do it, he said Wednesday, referring to the fight against the insurgency of the Taliban that 13 years of foreign military aid have failed to curb. To achieve this and avoid in Afghanistan a debacle as in Iraq, should keep funding and training to the Afghan armed forces combat, long enough to seal a settlement with the Taliban, argues Stephen Biddle, Professor of political science at George Washington University. The Afghan Islamists reacted to the signing of the BSA by a death to America. Which did not prevent the new president Ashraf Ghani to call to participate in peace talks, a very hypothetical reconciliation among Afghans that the United States is favourable. To stay longer in Afghanistan, it will also be necessary to ensure the continued financial support of the Congress, reports Mr. Biddle. Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham appear convinced since they urged president Obama to revise his draft of withdrawal without condition of Afghanistan. We have already done the experience of the dangerous consequences of the withdrawal without condition of Iraq and we cannot afford to make the same mistake in Afghanistan, warned Tuesday the two elected members. But beyond the mere training of Afghan troops, the retired general Paul Eaton, who served in Iraq, think that the United States should work for the emergence of a genuine national army in Afghanistan, which would be one of the institutional pillars of the country. The way, compares this member of the National Security Network, of what the British had built with the Indian army from the time of their colonial presence. Mr. Eaton think opinion American public would support a longer in Afghanistan presence, whether it is in the national interest of the United States. . For extended insights on this topic read

+++ News ticker to the IS terror ++: Erdogan: we are effectively fighting the IS.

The UK-based observers point is close to the moderate rebels in Syria. Their information, it relies on a network of informants in the civil war. The information to the beheadings were not confirmed first by an independent party. Pope Franziskus asking ambassadors from the Middle East to a crisis summit in the Vatican. Beginning this Thursday discussions are to last until Saturday, according to the Press Office of the Holy See. Occasion was the approach of the terrorist militia against Christians and radio had already reported the day before other non-Sunni minorities, Vatican. The ambassadors of the Pope from Egypt, Israel/Palestine, Jordan/Iraq, Iran, the Lebanon, Syria and Turkey are expected therefore to the talks. German Development Minister Gerd Müller travels in the northern Iraq, to make a picture of the situation of the refugees on the ground. As communicated by the development Ministry in Berlin, flies Müller in the Kurdish city of Erbil. Meanwhile, more than two million people in the autonomous Kurdish areas have found refuge from the Dschihadistengruppe Islamic State and the Syrian war, explains Müller. The communities that would have taken them, earned high recognition for this willingness. The Turkish Government wants to have empower themselves by the Parliament to military operations against terrorist organizations in Syria and in the Iraq. The corresponding resolution to do so has gone on Tuesday evening at the Parliament in Ankara. MEPs wanted to decide about this Thursday. The Government of the NATO partners is therefore authorized, time to choose the duration and scope of military operations in neighboring countries. It is also empowered to decide on the presence of foreign troops in Turkey. The permission is valid for a year. In the international fight against the militias IS the Turkish Government wants to provide their military bases also in other countries. This is from a request of the Government out, the Turkish Parliament will discuss on Thursday. The draft States In addition that the Turkish army should if necessary be sent to cross-border operations and interventions in other countries. . You can read this to discover more on this amazing topic.

France: the dog of Jean-Marie Le Pen sbrana a Marine cat.

Terror at home Le Pen, with the kitten mauled and killed by Marine dobermann of Father Jean-Marie. It happened last week, a story that has infuriated the current leader of the French far-right, which-according to L’express-decided to leave once and for all the family estate at Saint-Cloud, a dozen kilometres from Paris, to move a little further, and however far from his father’s "cagnacci". Already for a long time, the blonde Marine-that in recent months he took for the first time distanced himself from his father for his lines of strong anti-Semitic connotations towards Patrick Bruel ("next time we will do a batch», speaking of his detractors and, in particular, the singer-actor of Jewish origins)-dreamed of moving elsewhere. The killing of one of his Bengali gattine was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Thus, the frontista leader bought a property in La Celle-Saint-Cloud, in the Department of Yvelines. According to the weekly, which reveals the story this is a great villa with garden, where Marines can arrange receptions. And where your pets will be able to live in peace and serenity. . You can visit this to learn extra on this great matter.

Hape Kerkeling in the Star: the suicide of my mother was traumatic.

There’s a side to Hape Kerkeling, the public doesn’t know, which lies beyond the humorous, funny, lively side, who so love the Germans on the entertainer and comedian. The 49-year-old can be Very much seriously, Very much thoughtful. It’s the suicide of his mother, not only, but to a significant extent, a formative experience in his childhood -. In the new issue of Star, Kerkeling speaks for the first time about this early break in his biography. Kerkeling was in the night, in which she took an overdose sleeping pills, only with his mother. His father was at work, and after the television slipped the son to her in the bed. What he experienced was the most frightening thing is me in my life to date happen to. It was traumatic. The scene can and Kerkeling doesn’t want to talk. But he describes it in his new book, the boy must be connected to the fresh air, which will be released on October 6. The autobiography describes childhood in Recklinghausen, in a Catholic milieu Germanys, cared for by aunts and grannies. Kerkeling said he later tried to learn something for his life from the events. For me the worst thing was the question after my mother’s death: what has she left in this world? Where are their nachfühlbaren or traceable tracks? I could see nothing as a child. Because I’ve made me to clear, unambiguous traces in my life. . Main facts may be studied reading the following

VIDEO. Life according to GoPro vs everyday life.

TECHNO – Finally a video about GoPro in which we will all recognize. This miniature camera shockproof and waterproof makes the joy of the daredevils and followers of extreme sports, which are regularly staged in videos way around social networks. If you instead of the domesticated kind, you take your revenge. YouTube Mike Fry user posted Tuesday a video that already counts more than 100. 000 views. That is if he has found its public. In a clever montage, Mike resets the truth about the reality of the daily lives of users of the small camera. Some skiing on the highest peaks? Makes her canoe and offers a magnificent view on the rump of the ducks. Other film trying to surf? It is his dog that wades joyfully in the forest, while Mike remains dry. Extreme sports, it leaves other, prefers playing golf in his garden,. Let’s face it, at the bottom we are all a little Mike Fry. . Root data could be found reading the following

Lufthansa pilots: Strikes cost tens of millions of francs.

After a 15 hour strike of Lufthansa pilots the airline has resumed normal operation on Wednesday morning. There remained many 25 flights cancelled on Monday, of North America, a Lufthansa spokeswoman said on Wednesday. 32 long-haul flights could be performed with a special flight schedule. About 20 000 passengers were affected by the work stoppage. As a result of the special flight schedule we should succeed, to move smoothly in the normal operation, the spokeswoman said. Therefore, the situation at Frankfurt airport was relatively quiet. The reason for the strike is the deadlocked dispute over the transition supply of pilots. It allows pilots so far, to go from the age of 55 years paid early retirement. The Group wants to increase the retirement age. Cockpit rejects this. Valencia confirmed the readiness to talk of the group in the Bild-Zeitung. She is available for cockpit around the clock. But for talks, the Trade Union to make compromises must be prepared, the Manager demanded. This is currently Not at all the case. The principle of the unity of the tariff regulates that only a collective agreement applies in companies in the normal case. This principle had to be abandoned in 2010, after he in decisions of the Federal Labour Court deemed incompatible with law and Constitution was. Since then several collective agreements can coexist in companies. The talks could start Right away. We have to go back as soon as possible to the negotiating table, preferably Right away. I’m available for cockpit around the clock, said Valencia. . For more insights about this matter visit website.

New austerity: trouble at the Augsburg hospital escalated.

Saving obsession and not short-sighted strategy: In a letter to the Mayor of Augsburg is the Chairman of the medical District Association to drastic words – and accused the head of the clinic to have deliberately hampered the former Medical Director. After a few weeks of calm, the dispute at the Augsburg hospital to the austerity of the leadership reaches a new escalation level. The Chairman of the medical District Association of Augsburg, Kurt Reising, criticized the actions of politicians and of the Executive Board with harsh words in a letter to Mayor Kurt Gribl (CSU). Reising accuses the Hospital Chief Alexander Schmidtke obsession with savings and not short-sighted strategy. This cut off the flow of information have prescribed even by written statement to employees of Schmidtke, Reising writes. In July, Schuff-Werner had left the hospital after only half a year. It was already the second departure of a medical director within three years. Mr Schmidtke can tolerate no foreign gods besides themselves?, doctor functionary Reising asks in his letter with unusually hearty choice of words given the fluctuation. The Bavarian State Government has dealt with the conversion to the University Hospital on Tuesday. The work on the scientific concept is progressing well, said Science Minister Ludwig Spaenle (CSU). Working groups are to work out the necessary part of concepts for research, education, and infrastructure. The overall concept will be presented by 2015 the Science Council, this must To give then a green light for further implementation. 2018 the first students at the University Clinic can sign up. . Root facts could be studied checking this

Ultimatum in Hong Kong: expansion of the protests.

National Day celebration on Wednesday tens of thousands of Hong Kong should be mobilised in the Chinese special administrative region again. We will make a great gift for the holiday China, an activist said. If our demands are not, met until 2 October,. we have three options, said student leader Alex Chow to the press. The first is to extend the protests in the city. The second, to launch a strike, and the third, to occupy a government building. The protests are aimed against the controversial decision of the people’s Congress in Beijing, 2017 to allow a direct election for the first time in Hong Kong but no free nomination of candidates for the post of head of Government. The decision in August had upset many of the seven million Hong Kong and triggered the student strike that resulted in the ongoing protests. Also on Tuesday, thousands demonstrated again and blocked main roads in Admiralty and Wan Chai in the financial district of Central on Hong Kong Island and in Mong Kok on the Kowloon peninsula. In the night, even tens of thousands on the streets had been. The police held back, to avoid confrontations. Schools and kindergartens in affected parts of the city were closed. Further, students boycotted classes. China’s censorship blocked reports from Hong Kong, and comments on social media. The censors were three times as busy as to the delicate 25th anniversary of the bloody suppression of the pro-democracy movement on June 4, 1989, experts reported. The satellite reception of the US news channel CNN in China was always disturbed on Tuesday, when reports about Hong Kong arrived. CNN can be seen mostly only in hotels or apartments of foreigners. . For extra data on this topic read

Breton slaughterhouse Tilly-Sabco has two months to find a buyer.

The justice has left a last hope Tuesday to 326 the slaughterhouse of breton poultry Tilly-Sabco employees, offering him the opportunity to find a buyer within two months. The commercial court of Brest has placed Guerlesquin (Finistère) undertaking in liquidation while allowing it to continue its work until November 30. It took note of the financing of the continuation of activity and payment of wages until October 30 and imposed to the administrator to provide the elements ensuring financing for the continuation of activity until November 30. The time within which, in accordance with the wishes of the CEO of Tilly-Sabco Daniel Salim, is intended to enable the company to emerge a resumable the most successful project, in order to preserve maximum employment, according to Tilly-Sabco. It did nothing more than what it was hoped, responded an employee of the undertaking, Marie – Annick Plusquellec, interviewed at the end of a meeting with management and staff representatives on the premises of the abattoir and to inform employees of the judgement. I am confident there will be a buyer, she continued, explaining have lived other filings of stock in the company, or it has secured work for 34 years. Morally, it’s very, very hard because it lasts for a long time. However, asked two months and we had them, we will so go two months and left open the possibility has anyone interested to make a takeover bid, testified to his side Corinne Nicole, delegate the company SGC. From this morning, can be considered official call for resumption, but must be not only a declaration hinders the enthusiasm of any transferee, said Daniel Salim has the press at the end of the meeting, refusing to say more on potential buyers. I think that was a real key success factors a to argue, whether the tool, staff or production capacity that surrounds us with a true tradition of production, he pointed out, arguing that potential buyers will have from their side prove the quality of their project and their financial capacity. Daniel Salim announced the week last to its employees in shock the State of cessation of payments by the company, which has failed to lead to an end the ongoing continuation plan. The company employs 326 people, but does also work some 1. 000 other people, upstream or downstream of the sector (livestock, cull, cereal, carriers,.)The difficulties of Tilly-Sabco, 80% of production was destined for the Middle East – mainly in the Arabian peninsula-, date back to the removal in 2013 of the European aid to export chickens frozen, supporting the sector to the tune of EUR 55 million per year. Tilly-Sabco and soft, which has emerged from a long period of receivership, were the last in Europe to receive these subsidies, which enabled them to withstand the differential competitiveness with Brazil, their main competitor. Soft assured early September be more vulnerable. The group is profitable and follows its continuation as expected plan, claimed a spokesman to AFP. Despite the EUR 15 million generated by the end of 2013 France to help the sector, the difficulties of Tilly took a turn criticism this summer when Nutrea (subsidiary of the Breton cooperative coopagri Bretagne), main supplier of chicks for farmers who send their chickens to the slaughter, has ceased to deliver without assurances of payment, given the difficulties of the sector. Finally, Tilly-Sabco was able to maintain reduced activity in September thanks to the contribution of 450. 000 chickens per week at the slaughterhouse, two weekly working days. . You can visit the following site to discover extra about this interesting subject.

United States: News Corp put on small ads, will invest $ 950 million.

The American Media News Corp Group, owned by billionaire Rupert Murdoch, will make its biggest acquisition since its split taking the American site of classifieds real estate Move for $ 950 million. News Corp. offers $ 21 per share, its target, or 37 percent more than its last closing on the electronic stock exchange Nasdaq (15.29 dollars) price according to a statement released Tuesday by the company. The transaction was approved unanimously by the Board of? administration Move and the two sides hope to complete the transaction before the end of the year. With his realtor site. com and its mobile variations, Move provides access to more than 98% of the properties put up for sale in the United States, provides News Corp. This result is permitted by the strategic relationship established by Move with the American federation of REALTORS (NAR) and its million members. The NAR has given his blessing to the approximation: this partnership will help define the future of real estate in the United States, has welcomed its president Steve Brown, quoted in the release. Based in San Jose, California, West of the United States, Move employs 913 people. Last year, the company realized a turnover of $ 227 million on which it earned a gross surplus of operating (Ebitda) added 29 million. The operation is the largest led by News Corp. since it was separated from its work in the audiovisual, collected since the summer 2013 society independent 21st Century Fox. To reduce the cost, News Corp. account surrender after acquiring 20% of Move to its 61% REA Group subsidiary, which owns the largest Australian site classifieds (realestate. com. to the). The operation will allow to reduce its total bill of 200 million. Amputated of its highly profitable activities in the television and cinema, the new News Corp. appeared not necessarily very well equipped to develop on a veteran press market. To date, the Group had made only a single acquisition of importance, that of specialized of the novel to Harlequin rose water, for 300 million euros. . Similar facts can be read reading