France, stolen picture Hollande-Gayet, fall heads at the Elysee.

Five members of staff, so far as the ‘ private ‘ service of Hollande, will be transferred to other duties, after last week the weekly Voici has released new screenshots of the presidential affair. According to Liberation, the Elysée Palace would find confirmation elements suspected of involvement in the alleged ‘ moles ‘ of former President Nicolas Sarkozy remained within the staff. Five staff members who were up to now in the private service of the President are going to transfer to the service of stewardship, curtly announced to Agence France Presse a Palace source, confirming rumors of the newspaper Lib ration. According to the newspaper, the internal investigation was conducted by the gendarmerie. While the entourage of the head of State are enough 24 hours to figure out that the photo published by from Here was taken with mobile phone, from the apartments of the President and that the author was a member of the private staff of Hollande. According to Lib ration, four of the five people in question were ‘ veterans ‘ hired by former President Sarkozy at the time of his tenure. And the entourage of the President would be the confirmation that several ‘ Deep Throating is informed by two years Sarkozy and his staff, on facts and gestures of his Socialist successor and current occupant of the Elysée Palace. Today Voici back Meanwhile newsstand with more photos, corroborating a recent secret visit to casa de la Hollande former Val rie Trierweiler. While Closer, the magazine that rivel in his time with great fanfare the clandestine love story with Gayet, suggests now that both ‘ protected ‘ Trierweiler remotely by plainclothesmen. . You can visit the following to discover more about this interesting subject.

Doping: the Italian skater Kostner threatened with suspension.

The Italian figure skater Carolina Kostner is threatened with a suspension of four years and three months, said Friday in a press release the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), required by the solicitor-anti doping sanction. The CONI anti-doping Prosecutor has requested the dismissal of Carolina Kostner to the second Chamber of the Court national CONI anti-doping (,.) and would recommend a suspension of four years and three months for the athlete, said the Committee in a statement. The champion Italian, bronze medallist at the Sochi Olympic Games, is questioned after the confessions of doping by his companion, champion Olympic race Walker 2008 Alex Schwazer. He is accused to Carolina Kostner had helped Schwazer when he tried to avoid a doping in 2012 in Oberstdorf, Germany control, as well as its lack of cooperation with investigators. Italian Alex Schwazer was unable to defend her Olympic title in 2012 in London after being positive control during its preparation. . For more information regarding this matter click

Italian activist wounded in the West Bank. Foreign Ministry: “it is out of danger.”

«Shoot live ammunition at the upper body of the protesters is destined to hit them and is a deliberate attempt to murder», denounced the Palestinian health ministrro, Jawad Awwad, "Israel does not distinguish between foreign, Palestinian humanitarian wannabe or even journalists». According to Maan, the Italian was rushed to the hospital in Nablus Rafidia. The Israeli army however for now has not released comments. The issue of a Palestinian State was now at the center of a debate in the French Parliament. In general frustration for the stalemate of the Middle East peace process, the French members (in the wake of Spanish and British colleagues and the Swedish Government’s decision), are preparing to vote on a symbolic resolution calling for the Government to recognize the State of Palestine. The resolution, proposed by deputies of the majority Socialist, will be voted on 2 December. But in the meantime before the National Assembly, the Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, has requested that resolves the conflict within two years. «The United Nations we work with our allies to adopt a UN Security Council resolution that wake and end the negotiations ‘ within two years. Words that fall at a time when the Palestinians are preparing to ask the United Nations to end the Israeli occupation in 2016. Fabius added that France wants to host an International Conference on the conflict, but said neither the date nor the participants. . You should visit the following to read more about this great topic.

British Prime Minister Cameron: driven by the opponents of the EU.

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron wants to significantly limit help for EU migrants working in the United Kingdom or are looking for work. The stated Cameron in a long-awaited speech in the West Midlands. Cameron aims to reduce the strong so the influx to the United Kingdom, without the free movement of EU citizens and citizens in question. More than 300 000 EU migrants would be affected the guardian according to. According to media, Cameron said in his speech, under what conditions he will work for Britain’s remaining in a reformed EU. Finally the British want to hold a referendum to 2017. With its demands, the Prime Minister wants to improve his prospects for the general election in the coming year. At the same time is tantamount to his speech a threat towards the EU. If our concerns fall on deaf ears and we make our relations with the EU on a better footing, can I exclude of course nothing, quote the British media from the speech. Cameron, as the British were no longer part of the EU, but outsiders sounds nothing more than a special relationship to the rest of Europe. With good will, the EU States could prevent United Kingdom goodbye. United Kingdom, I know that you put want to see this in order, he had announced at the Conservative Party Conference in October, so I’m going to Brussels, I will not accept no for an answer, and when it comes to the free movement of persons [in the EU], I’m going to get what needs Britain. . For more insights on this subject click

Bad weather, Piemonte, damage to over 290 million. The cyclone brings rain from Sunday’s Medea.

The affected municipalities-This photo makes the idea of the severity of the weather phenomena that have battered our region-underlines the assessor to transportation, infrastructure, public works and soil conservation in the region Piemonte Francesco Balocco-and that make indispensable a government intervention to deal with the situation. The damages are those found at alluvial events 12-14 October and 14-15 November in over 250 municipalities in the provinces of Alessandria, Biella, Novara, Torino, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and Vercelli. Liguria: heavy storms in the night, few discomforts-Meanwhile, heavy rains have destroyed in night on Liguria, where Central has 2 alert for severe weather (maximum) up to 18 hours, without causing particular inconvenience, however. Rainstorms have affected particularly the Golfo Paradiso, Tigullio Gulf and part of the break, causing some minor flooding. A landslide fell on a street in Beverino Castle (La Spezia). This morning, the rain stopped. In Genoa and province, as well as the Spice and the province remained closed today, schools, sports facilities, parks and cemeteries. Rome: still the A12 closed traffic full tilt on the Aurelia-has not been reopened the stretch of Rome-Civitavecchia motorway, closed Thursday after the water bomb that hit the area of Santa Marinella, on the coast north of Rome. Due to the closure of the A12, the traffic police finds strong traffic disruption on the via Aurelia, in both directions. In particular there are slowdowns with queues sometimes for about six kilometres between Furbara and Santa Severa. Forecast: Sunday storm with tornado MedeaiLMeteo. it-and things could get worse as it is approaching threateningly cyclone Medea. The appetizer of bad weather Thursday already caused storms over Lazio and Liguria, rain again today in Piedmont, Liguria, Tuscany coast and more spread across the rest of the North. The editors of the site iLMeteo. It explains that the rains will continue Saturday in Piedmont, also strong on areas near the Western hills and with storms on the Cuneo area and western Liguria by Sunday evening, the cyclone Medea, slightly lagging behind the roadmap nears to Sardinia, bringing rains initially North, then during the afternoon and evening also extend phenomena at the heartstrong, resulting in Tuscany and Lazio. After Medea back cold-heavy rains in Liguria, Piedmont and Triveneto by evening. The cyclone will bring sustained winds of scirocco which will increase summer temperatures almost valued in the South where they will touch even the 26° in Sicily. After the passage of Medea temperatures will begin to gradually decrease by reference finally average values over time. . For additional insights about this matter check

From Rostock to Munich – Germany’s most beautiful Christmas markets.

Advent, advent! Whether golden or pink: the Christmas markets in the Republic again shine in different colors. The most unusual and atmospheric Christmas markets in Germany suggest FOCUS online users. Advent, advent, a whole sea of lights on fire – in the different color variations. Shine Germany’s cities and towns back into Christmas shine in time for the first Sunday of advent and draw millions of people into their spell. The large Christmas markets in the Republic in Hamburg, Cologne, Dortmund, Munich and Leipzig millions attract visitors every year – not only German, but also many foreign tourists. In Berlin alone, there are more than 50 markets. In addition to typical Christmas delights as ginger, gingerbread and punch stand sellers offer regional products. In Traben-Trarbach in Rhineland-Palatinate, for example, visitors can taste the local Moselle wine – and that in a particularly cosy atmosphere: the wine night market is not as usual out there takes place, but in the wine cellars and vaults beneath the city. On the oldest Christmas market in the Republic, the Striezelmarkt in Dresden, Germany, visitors can admire a Stollen of superlatives. The Dresdner Backwerk weighs tons. . You must read the following link to learn extra about this great matter.

OPEC maintained its production ceiling fear losing market share (Kuwait).

The OPEC decision to maintain Thursday its production objective, despite an overabundant offer, was motivated by the fear of the cartel to lose market share, said the Kuwaiti Minister of oil. Today, there are a lot of competitors, and OPEC pump only 30% of world production, said the Minister, Ali Omair, the Kuwaiti Al-Watan satellite channel, who questioned him in Vienna where he participated at the meeting of the Organization of the petroleum exporting countries. It was inevitable to take the right decision not to reduce production, because a reduction can be compensated by others (producers) present on the market, he added. As a result, we have decided that prices would be adjusted according to supply and demand and that OPEC was intended to preserve its market share for not to lose clients, said the Minister. OPEC will no longer accept to bear the burden of a reduction in production while others are rushing to increase their production, he concluded. The decision of OPEC to maintain its production to 30 million barrels per day (BPD) immediately caused a storm in markets. Per barrel of Brent crude from the North Sea traded in London fell to 71.25 dollars, its lowest since July 7, 2010, losing $ 6.50 since the close of the day before. Meanwhile, a barrel of light sweet crude (WTI) listed on the New York passed under the symbolic barrier of 70 dollars in electronic trade, reaching even 67.75 dollars, a minimum since May 25, 2010. . Inspirational source may be read visiting the following

Japan: the launch of the Hayabusa-2 spacecraft to an asteroid broadcast in 4K.

The next launch of the space probe Japanese Hayabusa-2, which has an appointment in 2018 with an asteroid, must be retransmitted on a special quality 4K channel, four times higher than the current high-definition, announced a consortium of broadcasters, media and industry. This retransmission will be live on Channel 4K experimental satellite from the Tanegashima base in the South of the Japan. Shooting was originally scheduled Sunday, November 30 at midday, but the Japanese Space Agency (Jaxa) announced Friday that it was suspending it because of bad weather. The objective of a broadcast of this event in 4K is to test technologies as well as to encourage viewers to develop compatible televisions 4 K, which are more numerous in the Japan Electronics shops. Now, the price difference between a 4K and a normal high-definition model tends to be reduced to the point that a growing share of buyers cross the Rubicon, said a seller of a large specialty area of Kawasaki, in the suburbs of Tokyo. Attend this experimentation group JVC Kenwood, Nextep, Japan Cablecast and Japan Digitalserve companies including. 4 k corresponds to a picture of 2. 160 horizontal lines each comprising 3. 840 points, or about 8 million pixels, four times more than the current high-definition. The experimental broadcast satellite in format 4K began this summer in Japan, on a dedicated channel powered by different TV channels. It will be extended to commercial scale by 2015 with a satellite said CS. Equipped Japanese viewers of TV and satellite compatible receivers can see the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. in 4K. . You can check this to read extra regarding this great topic.

Di Stefano, a witness: money to a former MEP FI.

Envelopes full of money: the former alderman bipartisan Pd, now Congressman, Marco Di Stefano, as former MEP Paolo Bartolozzi to Italy Force. There is also the political name azure between those shown on record by Daniele Pisciotta, Alfredo Guagnelli driver heard last week in the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Fixer. Pisciotta reported bags full of cash that would have handed Guagnelli. Affairs and were acquaintances of the good entrepreneur who, according to surveys, had relations with the underworld. Bartolozzi, second of the unelected last election, does not deny that he was a friend of Guagnelli and confirmation of having received campaign aid, but it points out that the contributions were regulars. No envelope-comment-politician Guagnelli now was a friend and gave me a hand more times during the campaign with contributions also by its economic society, but I have the receipt. And meanwhile, the investigation into the alleged bribery of Di Stefano, connected to the disappearance of Guagnelli, go ahead: the parliamentarian of the Democratic Party, accused of corruption and forgery, investigated for abuse of Office. The hypothesis that has driven some orders of the Lazio region. Dinners and CONTRIBUTIONS When Paolo Bartolozzi learns that, according to Pisciotta, he would be one of the recipients of the envelopes full of cash delivered to the politicians, explains that the fixer was indeed a friend: organized some dinner on the occasion of the 2009 European, even gave me a contribution through a company of which I can’t remember the name but I have a copy of your receipt. Bartolozzi doesn’t remember even what amounted to exactly that help: a few thousand euro-says-5 thousand, maybe 7 thousand. I don’t know what he saw the driver’s ,. The politician tells property have known Guagnelli in ‘ 99, when the Cdu went over to Italy Force, along with Henry lightning and other guys gave me a hand. Together they spent holidays in Monte Carlo and in the contractor’s country house near Chiusi (Siena). We always felt for election campaigns. For the politician was not abnormal that a funeral entrepreneur, with unclear business, funding his election campaign: I was a parliamentarian, I thought the did pleasure to have my friendship, in return I asked for information: after my trip I inquire institutional news for doing business in Panama. When they seized the driver asked me how to do it. Bartolozzi, never heard the Prosecutor, says he does not know anything about his friend’s company and the reasons for its disappearance. The NEW CHARGES in addition to the hypothesis of a bribe of 1 million and 800,000 euros for a debit card manufacturers Chicks Golden rental by the Lazio region for Di Stefano also assumed the abuse of Office along with four other people. In 2010, from Alderman, would have flown some contracts favoring his friends in awarding small contracts for direct services, such as the organisation of events. . You should click the following source to discover more about this interesting topic.

Mary J. Blige: London sessions of a New Yorker.

In the black leggings and Ribbed Cardigan Sweater combination, the New Yorker looks like a hip Fado0ol from the 90s. And in her heart she is still. But in a drawer of the genres of music Mary J. Blige be stuck. From Hip-Hop has tried much they over soul up to the rhythm and Blues (R & B) – in the 22 years of their career. She also on her new, 13 Studio album does again: from the House song right now, about the soul ballad not Loving You until the R & B number to therapy has everything to offer the London sessions. London feels always good, it’s like a home, the singer says. The energy in the city reminds me of my hometown of New York. Since the beginning of my career, I’m already and always here. She eats a peanut and smiles. I have always liked the city, but me really fell for her, when I was here throughout the summer this year. The song F For You of the London house duo disclosure, whose beats enriched Mary with her voice, struck last year in the charts. He was the impetus for the album. Actually the idea was with the guys from disclosure even a single record, explains the singer. I have talked with Steve Barnett, Managing Director of Capitol records, and said: Mary, forget the single, we make a whole album! She hopes to go on tour soon. Blige was in New York City Bronx born and grew up in the neighbouring town of Yonkers. You can feel her childhood in this socially deprived areas, characterized by fear and violence, still on her rough and at the same time vulnerable nature. The Bronx accent on the thoughtful singer looks like a remnant from the past. The music gave her support at the time, Blige says. If there was no music, I’d make the nails today probably other people or work at the hairdresser, she says, laughing look on her painted nails. I can not imagine but a life without music. It has determined has always been my life. The Queen of R & B, as they call their fans, is known to many today through their songs family affair and one Duet recorded with the Irish Band U2. Their idols are up today, Aretha Franklin and Anita Baker. A cover version recorded on cassette by Baker’s song caught up in the Rapture gave Blige her first recording contract in 1989. Also doubt (doubt), Blige’s favorite songs of the new album is about UPS and downs. Thoughtfully, she looks on the peanut glass on her lap. Then she sticks a few nuts in his mouth and says: I love doubt, because this song tells about what I had to go through there to get where I am today. I have had self doubts and got them today. But I know that I must keep trying to beat them, so that I can be what I am: a winner. . Extended info can be read visiting