Tesco woes continue, its new leader tip an error of 300 M EUR.

The British giant Tesco acknowledged Monday an error equivalent to more than 300 million euros in its accounts and suspended four senior executives, three weeks after the arrival of a new Director general to revive the struggling supermarket chain. The news took investors to short and action Tesco dipped 8.04% to 12 H 30 GMT on the London Stock Exchange to 211,15 pence. Just before the publication of its half-year results scheduled for October 1, Tesco discovered expected in its profits for the six months (March to August) had been overestimated, because considered as higher incomes and the deferral of costs, said the group in a statement. The company has estimated at 250 million pounds (317 million euros) the sum of profits unduly expected, thus posting his third warning on result in barely two months. The number three global distribution, behind the American Wal-Mart and the french Carrefour, provided so far that its half-year profit would reach some 1.1 billion pounds (1.4 billion euros). The discovery of this accounting error led him Monday to postpone the release of its first half results to October 23. The Board of Directors of Tesco loaded cabinet Deloitte to review its accounts to determine if there were irregularities. Four senior executives of the company have already been laid off, the time for this investigation to be buckled, said a spokesman for Tesco told AFP. The giant has appointed a new Chief for its operations in the United Kingdom, Robin Terrell, in order to boost its domestic market. -The sector resulted in the fall – the Director-general of the group, David Lewis, said expected from Tesco that it operates an integrated and transparent manner. We will take strong action anytime soon known the results of this survey, he wants comprehensive and independent to address this serious problem, he said. Former head of the giant Anglo-Dutch Unilever, Mr. Lewis took office September 1, to replace the head of the Group Philip Clarke, formerly of the Tesco House pushed to resign because of the poor results of the chain. The giant suffers particularly at home, where he underwent the fierce competition of the German brands of discount, Aldi and Lidl, which turn to more consumers in the United Kingdom. To bounce back, Tesco had focused in recent months on growth in China and India where he partnered respectively with CRE and Tata, before recognizing late July that the market was overall much less carrier estimated previously. Then, it warned that its first half results would be lower than expectations, before slashing late August 75% dividend for this period. Tesco had expected following its annual operating profit would melt some 2, 4-2, 5 billion pounds (3-3, 15 billion euros) for the whole of the year, a decrease of a quarter over one year. The bad news are worsening. Not only forecasts are less good but the direction is seen as incompetent in his way to publish its accounts, responded Monday David White, broker at Spreadex. The new diving suffered Monday by the Tesco action was its collapse 37% since the beginning of the year. The Group has overstated its profits from the equivalent of 10% of their annual amount, which created considerable concerns about the validity of all of its accounts, noted Rebecca O’Keeffe, Interactive Investor. Investors who kept their title while waiting for relief under the new DG Dave Lewis are killed. Tesco resulted Monday other chains of supermarkets of medium range in his misfortune: action Sainsbury lost 2.05% to 278.4 pence and Morrison 2.12% to 178.1 pence title. . You can read the following article to read extra regarding this great matter.

VIDEO. Emma Watson at the UN: feminism has become unpopular.

Emma Watson is now a committed young woman! British actress spoke Sunday at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on the occasion of the launch of the He For She campaign which aims to collect one billion men to defend the equality of the sexes, reports the Daily Mail. Last July, the young 24-year-old actress was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for women’s rights by the United Nations.   Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations invited Emma Watson to climb to the rostrum. The young 24-year-old actress began his speech in a very personal way, returning to his own career. When I was 8 years old, I did not understand why on described me as authoritarian on the pretext that I wanted to run the plays that are then presented to our parents, she explained. When it was a boy who want to be involved, it was not of reflection, she added, exceeded facing persistent inequalities between men and women in the world.   The British media revealed that of criticism had been heard about the appointment of Emma Watson as Ambassador, that it is regularly associated with his character in the saga that it revealed. The young graduate of the prestigious American University of Brown held to answer them: you might be wondering: who is this girl from Harry Potter? What does at the United Nations? I also asked the question. All I can tell you is that I feel concerned by this problem and I want to that it arranges. She added, determined.   . Extended facts can be found checking fact.

Holiday rentals in black for 3 students on 4. Ontario ranked first for tax evasion.

Holiday rentals in black for 3 students on 4. Ontario ranked first for rentals increase evasion in black students out of Office Assistant in Italy. According to a recent survey of taxpayers. it, in the last year, the percentage of students off-site with a lease in black is up 5% compared to estimates by 2013. The primacy of the regions fulfilling the taxman with irregular contracts falls to Lombardy. Italian University students with a contract in black or irregular, this year, according to the report by taxpayers. it, accounting for 76% of total: only 24% of them can produce a regular lease of the property. Compared to other European countries the percentage of rentals in black in Italy was found to be much higher: nearly five times that of France and Germany. At 67% Italian, in the ranking of international tax evasion, following the Greece with 67%, the 65% with Romania, the Slovakia with 57%, the Bulgaria with 52% and Cyprus with 45%. . Main facts can be read visiting the following reference.

The 2022 world will not take place in Qatar, according to the German Zwanziger.

A German member of the Executive Committee of Fifa, Theo Zwanziger, think that the Qatar will lose the 2022 football World Cup organization, said in an interview with Sport Bild Plus. I believe that in the end the 2022 World Cup is not taking place in Qatar, said the former president of the German football Federation (DFB), basing its reflection on the risks posed by l? extreme summer heat for players and fans. As says Mr. Zwanziger, is his personal opinion, merely to meet Fifa in the Sports Agency Sid, German subsidiary of AFP. Doctors say, and I had insisted on this point in the Protocol, they cannot guarantee that a World Cup could be held in the summer in these circumstances, continuing Zwanziger. If stages cooling techniques are possible, the World Cup is not only the stages. There are also fans who come from the four corners of the world and who will be affected by the heat, he recalls. The first incident involving life-threatening would be the subject of an investigation. And that person to the Executive Committee of Fifa would respond, said Zwanziger. The idea of a world organized in winter is far from unanimous among officials of the European Championships. The gas rich Emirate is also the subject of criticism on the part of organizations of human and trade union rights who denounced abuses and of poor working conditions for foreigners employed on construction sites of construction of stadiums. The Qatar must also be faced with suspicions of corruption in the awarding of the world-2022 in 2010, after the Sunday Times assured early June in possession of thousands of emails and other evidence of alleged payments of money made by Mr. Bin Hammam. The Fifa Ethics Commission is expected to announce early 2015 the results of a survey on the controversial award of the world 2018 Russia and 2022 at the Qatar. . You should click the following http://fcmoto1.dopeonplastic.org to discover more about this interesting matter.

Former top Mossad spy: terrorist Hunter Mike Harari died.

After the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games in 1972 in Munich, Harari led operation wrath of God, which the Palestinian hostage-takers watched – a bloody and long intelligence operation, later represented decades Steven Spielberg in his film Munich. Instead of Ali Hassan Salameh, the leader of the underground group of Black September, Harari unit however 1973 killed a Moroccan waiter in Norway due to a confusion. Six years later, Salameh was killed when a bomb exploded in the Lebanon, organized by Harari. As terrorists 1976 an Air France plane hijacked to Entebbe, Harari was instrumental in preparing the Israeli action of liberation. After the end of his secret service career, he lived in Panama, where he was a close advisor of the dictator Manuel Noriega. Short before the army 1989 invasion overthrew Noriega, Harari returned to Israel. A report the times of Israel, according to he worked for the Mossad since 2007 again, to sabotage the Iranian nuclear program. . Extended text can be read visiting http://fcmoto1.dopeonplastic.org.

Volleyball Bundesliga hopes for World Cup-bronze on upswing.

The Federal leagues of men and women begin mid-October. Their World Cup stars will be back but not so fast the German fans to face: in Berlin Sebastian Kühner and Max Günthör from Friedrichshafen to play in the upcoming season only two athletes in the home. Abroad, exceptional skill such as Georg Grozer or Denis Kaliberda can earn more money and be asked more. The DVV men enjoyed the night after the historic triumph but again to the fullest. The first beers they enjoyed himself in the presence of Union boss Thomas Krohne still in the cabin. Hammond said the happiness runs so deep, after the 3-0 win over France. There is a new tattoo, I know only Not yet where. In any case, it gets a special place, Grozer said. There were congratulations from the German volleyball, which start on Tuesday in the World Cup in Italy. You have written history. They shared with great and tremendous respect for this performance. The team of coach Giovanni Guidetti hopes to be able to contribute to a possible upturn of volleyball. . Related facts can be found reading http://fcmoto1.dopeonplastic.org.

The terms of a new world political order.

And yet, in the light of the confusion of the world, it should exist as a sort of proustian nostalgia to the evocation of a meeting which, combining brilliant worldliness and successful, negotiations allowed the restoration and maintenance of the world order after the disorders of the Revolution and the Empire. Would it be possible to stop the leak in front of our world towards the abyss from principles of order and common sense? To understand it, a dizzying overview of the history is necessary from three references keys: Westphalia, Vienna, Versailles. Three main stages of European history who developed end each in their own way the bloody mess of the continent. In 1648 the Treaty of Westphalia concluded nearly a century of wars of religion, based on the principle: "to each religion region. In 1814-1815, in Vienna, the restoration of balance of powers concept – there is a common interest greater than that of the parties – put an end to territorial and ideological revisionism of the Revolution and the Empire. In 1918 – 1919, at Versailles, a treaty too hard in its condition, too weak in its means of control, would conversely lead to a new conflict between 1939 and 1945. In Vienna, the Europeans were between them and diplomats, by their common aristocratic origins, reinforcing the sense of belonging to a large family. The problem with so much depth and height of view the Nobel Prize in literature 2008 Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio in a recent interview with a major newspaper of the evening: "Coexist, it is understand what might offend the other" did not seem (wrongly or rightly) arise. This is not to restore order Westphalian, probably dead and buried, but to create a new order on the other bases. The difference in 1814, the leading actors in the international system – it is one of the keys to the current mess – are not United by a common desire to protect the existing standstill. They are divided into three categories: those who want change at any price and are openly revisionist like the Russia of Putin or proponents of the Caliphate; those who are willing to take risks to protect a minimum of order as the France, Britain and the United States. the vast majority finally that oscillates between the strict defence of its own interests and ambiguous between speech and action divorce as is the case of key regional players of the Middle Eastern scene, the Turkey to Saudi Arabia through the Iran. If we want to go further in historical comparison, after 1815 there is a "bipolar hegemony", in the words of historian Paul W.  Schroeder, between Great Britain and Russia, although other actors such as the Austria, Prussia and France (through Talleyrand) had a role in its own right. By 2014, some would certainly tempted to substitute the United States and China for Britain and the Russia. Is this not the ultimate dream of Henry Kissinger? A dream that can be found outlined in his last testament book as if Germanic: "World Order: Reflections on the Character of Nations and the course of History. ("The world order: reflections on the nature of the nations and the course of history"). At the time when we are facing the threats of Russian authoritarianism and extremism of Illuminati, barbaric, uneducated and bloodthirsty, the lessons of the Congress of Vienna may seem distant and indirect. And yet, they are clear. There are common interests to all stakeholders that prevail over the individual calculations. China, the India the Brazil "shareholders" full of the game world and are, too, need a minimum of order. An order to which they must contribute. It is not for Beijing to play Moscow against Washington, but to choose the party of order against that disorder. Because we are in the same boat, "facing the reefs of the revisionism" most destabilising. . You can click the following http://fcmoto1.dopeonplastic.org to discover extra about this amazing topic.

Taxi driver Allan Henning: Wife pleads with IS terrorists to secure her husband’s release.

He was a peaceful, selfless person who was in Syria to help needy people, according to published on early Sunday morning by the British Foreign Office asked of the wife. Under the Hashtag #NotInMyName, often used in the Twwets for the release of the taxi driver, young British Muslims make it clear that they have IS nothing to do with, and also not the terrorist militia in connection To want to bring. Before the UN General Assembly the United States will further push next week for a global Alliance in the fight against the terrorist militia Islamic State. This is not America against the Islamic State, US President Barack Obama said in a radio address in Washington. It’s the world against the Islamic State. More than 40 countries supported the coalition against the IS now. 46 Turkish and 3 Iraqi hostages are freed after more than three months in the IS terrorist violence. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the secret service with the hostages during a night-time rescue operation freed. The terrorist militia had brought the Turks in their violence, when she stormed the Consulate in Mosul, Northern Iraq on June 11. In the Iraq, the United States had further expanded their air attacks against IS positions. On Saturday they flew attacks according to eye-witness reports for the first time directly in the Centre of Mosul. City 400 km north of Baghdad, is a stronghold of the terrorist militia. A confirmation by the U.S. central command for this attack was not initially available. Extremists had conquered Mosul in mid-June in a lightning attack and from there invaded other parts of Iraq. So far, the United States had bombed primarily the outskirts of Mosul. On Friday, IS at least 22 fighters killed came in after reports of eye witnesses. In New York, the UN Security Council for a special session came together on Friday. In a statement jointly adopted, the Panel condemned the killings, rapes, abductions and torture of the terrorist militia in the strongest possible terms. Those responsible should be held accountable, according to the paper. Some of the crimes may constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity. . Related text can be read reading website.

New photos of celebs were leaked on the web.

The pirates have re-offended. New photos of naked stars, including Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens, circulated Saturday on social networks, a few weeks after a first scale of intimate photos of American celebrities hacking, according to American media including TMZ. These shots were broadcast briefly on 4chan and Reddit before sharing sites, this time, to be removed quickly. These leaks are among other actresses Vanessa Hudgens, Mary-Kate Olsen, Hayden Panettiere and Leelee Sobieski. Already victims of first ‘CelebGate’, the actress Jennifer Lawrence, American football player Hope Solo and singer Avril Lavigne would again be the targets of hackers. It is however not confirmed, for the moment, that those responsible for the hack and these new leaks are the same as those who had orchestrated the first broadcast of images stripped, which run always end of August, a large number of intimate photographs of stars, including Kate Upton model, had been broadcast widely on the internet following the hacking of their accounts personal iCloudthe storage service online content provided by Apple. The American giant Apple had denied any failure of its security system, claiming that hackers were able to correctly answer questions of security, or even to directly divert passwords of accounts through phishing operations (phishing). Before that the CEO of the group itself, Tim Cook, promises to strengthen the security of its Cloud service. For extended insights on this topic check home page.

The Government recalls to more who is President of all Catalans.

The formal request from the Government, on alert before the next moves of the Government, was once again the law. "We ask only one thing all those who govern, and that they comply with the law is," said Santamaria, prior to wield the no to the independence of Scotland. In line with the institutional message of Mariano Rajoy, the Vice President defended that in that country "is fulfilled the law, which is as much as respect democracy, and it has been said that no, but above all will be a big, strong country inside the EU, building, not dividing or separating has reaffirmed". Santamaria also emphasized the values of the current territorial model: "We have built one of the world’s most decentralized States". And praised the cooperation between the Executive and the autonomous communities: "together we have built a democracy and we have taken many things of which we can be proud, as the health, education, rights that we defend and enjoy". Ultimately, as the leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, came to invite reflection to the catalan President. . Root source can be read checking the following weblink.