Driver’s license and a book with the same name, the operator makes the rules.

The philosophy of the standard temporary header was not counter to share cars, says the Director-General of civil Motorization, but fight prolonged use and certain illegitimate maintenance and more readily identify the perpetrators of the offences. This is how the law is obligatory for the header change in the booklet and for whom, according to the DMV, you may even be an opportunity "I remain perplexed that a rule that is used to identify those responsible for the movement to be taken, rather than as an opportunity, as a bureaucratic hassle. On the header of the temporary registration certificate has done so much scaremongering for nothing, "he says in an interview to Ilfattoquotidiano. en the MOT General Director, Maurizio calves. The topic "hot" is the introduction, from next November 3, circolareche’s forces who has exclusive use staff for over 30 days a vehicle which is not registered to transcribe his name in the booklet. "The first people who fall into this case are those who take a rented car rental companies, which have an annual contract, often", says Vitelli. The decision will affect a total of about 250. 000 vehicles a year, but very seldom private ones: the change of the registration certificate is not required, practically never explains Calves, because seldom had the car to a friend or acquaintance for over 30 days, and for living together is not necessary. "The philosophy of the standard was not thwart car sharing, but fight prolonged use and certain illegitimate maintenance". "To tell the truth, the question arose from the case of an elderly woman in dire economic circumstances that had in its availability more than 100 vehicles that were driven by non-detectable, often in situations of non-driving tests", reconstructs iter Director of text engine. "The legislature, in its time, in 2010, created this rule mainly to know who was responsible for the movement of vehicles. This requirement is assigned to trace the fictitious header and situations to have a tool with which to counter them. Parliament made this law, on which we we had to work with a ddl changes to the highway code, which took nearly two years to overcome all the steps of Parliament. Subsequently we have built computer applications and then we started working with technical tables where we invited all actors, including the Aniasa (Association of car rental companies), the Assilea (the lease), the Anfia (the Italian automotive industry supply chain), the Unrae (foreign trade). It was a pretty difficult because we have taken note of the difficulties in all categories. Downstream of this work we finally released the circular of 10 July, the implementation of which the much later, on 3 November, in order to give everyone the opportunity to read it and find out. " According to the Director of Motorization, the header of the temporary registration certificate has many advantages for the citizens, because if you have a rental car you avoid the double notifications and the associated costs for any infraction will now be directly contastata to chi l’ha fatta. "The temporary header is an opportunity also in many practical cases: we set the example of a grandfather who puts at the disposal of his nephew the car that does not guide more. Now you can cedergliela doing a simple communication to motorization and temporarily changing the heading of the registration certificate: so will no longer receive notifications of infringements committed by his nephew, and will at the same time with an operation that costs 9 euro plus stamp duty (16 euros, ED) a change of ownership which would cost 500 ". To sum up, says the operator, the annotation on the registration certificate of a vehicle who uses her is required only if the user has the vehicle availability for exclusive use and staff more than 30 continuous days. It is not mandatory for people who had been in this situation before 3 November (for example those who have already signed a contract for long-term rental, lease or "rent to buy"), nor between cohabitating family, nor, as regards corporate vehicles, in case "of fringe benefit, promiscuous and use of exclusive use for business activities of vehicles in use for employees, to owners, administrators and employees of the company ". . You should click this website to discover extra regarding this great topic.

Lets you drive to the grocery store, but the child strays: father in trouble.

Could a complaint for abandonment of a minor a man that, last Monday, left only 3 years old son alone in the car to go shopping in a supermarket in via Postumia in Treviso. The man, according to rebuild local newspapers, she left the baby in the car to wait while he went shopping in the supermarket but this, despite having only three years, he managed to open the door and to leave the car. The child, therefore, has been to wander alone in the parking lot of the supermarket of Treviso obviously risking being invested from cars by other customers. The father took to slapping his son and uploaded by car-Fortunately nothing has happened because now some people, including an employee of the supermarket you are aware of the small in the parking lot and brought him to safety. And when the father has finally finished shopping, without uttering any word, would take his son to load it in the car, without apparently even spare him two slaps. At that point the women who had "saved" the PAPP have jotted down the plate number of the vehicle and alerted the police who is proceeding to identify the man. . You must check the following url to discover more on this amazing subject.

First Pesh cross border crossing to Kobans.

The IS extremists previously failed in an attempt to conquer the border crossing to Turkey and to cut off so the KIA. IS fighters have already encircled the city from the East, South and West. Only a northern passage toward the Turkish border is clear. For days, the Kurdish defenders in Kobans on the arrival of the reinforcements had hoped. Turkey had given permission in the past week that the fighter from the northern Iraq via its territory must be moved to Kobans. On Wednesday, a group of 80 Pesh landed in Turkish Sanliurfa airport. More 70 fighters from the North of Iraq, as well as the heavy weapons be taken overland to Kobans. On Wednesday, soldiers of the moderate free Syrian army (FSA) in Kobans arrived also. The opposition militia fighting in the Syrian war against the IS as well as against the regime. A Kurdish spokesman told the News Agency dpa, 50 to 70 FSA fighters arrived in Kobans. Arab and Kurdish media reported gain, citing a FSA Commander by a total of 200 men. A reconnaissance team of Federal Government breaks up, meanwhile, on Thursday in the North of Iraq, to check the Bundeswehr’s participation in a military training mission. The team includes three representatives of the Ministry of Defense and one of the Foreign Office. Germany considers the training of armed forces in the northern Iraqi city of Erbil. Thus, the Federal Government wants to support the fight against the terrorist IS militia. . Additional info can be inspected visiting article.

The (social) entrepreneur of the 21st century.

The social entrepreneur is one entrepreneur as another. Everything at least as described there almost a century by Joseph Schumpeter! The theorist of the "creative destruction" has indeed identified the three factors of the desire to undertake, what he calls "the joy of creating a new economic form, the will of the winner and the dream and the desire to found a Kingdom. In other words, it creates a company by taste of the challenge, by desire for independence and to take pleasure to innovate. The lure of profit and the profit-maximizing are therefore not the ultimate goal, as you would have us believe today. Whether technology companies who develop products to facilitate the accessibility of persons with disabilities, of associations of recycling of waste using very remote people employment, or cooperatives that produce organic fair trade products, the challenge is daunting. Yet brilliantly pointed out by so many entrepreneurs around the world. Because these entrepreneurs of the 21st century are ever-growing. Among them, the younger generations, pragmatic and search of meaning, are widely represented. A true global phenomenon, but where the «Made in France» social is well known. Our know-how in this field, particularly in terms of human capital, is envied by many States. And it is undoubtedly one of the major contributions of social entrepreneurs: to demonstrate their impact on society. A path that must borrow the entrepreneur of the 21st century, be it social or not. It is fundamental to be aware of its social and environmental footprint. Whether to integrate it into its business model today is a necessity if you want to build a sustainable and equitable society. . For extended on this matter check

MFA, today the new Minister who will replace the Mogherini.

-Waiting to take on November the position of high representative for the common foreign and security policy, Eu, Federica Mogherini resigned this morning to the parliamentary Chamber waiting to leave the job to the Foreign Ministry to his successor. The premier Matteo Renzi, meanwhile, climbed to the Quirinale to communicate to the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, the name of the future Foreign Minister. At the moment the game for his succession seems a derby between Deputy Foreign Minister Lapo Pistelli and Vice-President of the Chamber, Marina Sereni. Also In the running year-old Lia Quartapelle, but the Foreign Ministry could land as Deputy Minister responsible for international cooperation. The Vulgate wants to appoint a woman Radiologist at the head of Italian diplomacy so as to maintain gender equality within its Government. Race remains even Elisabetta Belloni, Managing Director for human resources at the Ministry, and was set aside the candidacy of Simona Bonafè, who said she was not concerned. In recent days had circulated the name of Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, but its prices don’t seem to take off. . For additional insights on this matter visit source.

Mudslides in Sri Lanka: up to 150 dead after landslides feared.

The authorities were initially assumed around 300 missing. According to the Minister, many of them were already at work or at school, when the suspension came in the morning in the slides. But some were held up by the storm. That hinders it, to determine the exact number of missing persons, said Amaraweera. Also, the Office was destroyed, where the population lists were kept. Until the evening, 16 bodies have been recovered according to the authority. According to witness reports, some houses were buried under up to 30 feet of mud and debris. Around 500 soldiers participated according to the competent General Mano Perera the search for the missing persons. Arrived to heavy equipment, dug to push her partially with your hands through the mud masses, in the hope, but still on survivor. It was not until the evening, until the desperately needed excavators of the partly damaged roads in the region arrived. Due to bad weather and the danger of further landslides the search have to be temporarily suspended, Minister Amaraweera said. . Root facts may be read checking the following

Music in crisis? Still, there is Willy Wonka and the Miley Cyrus thong.

Certain that the music world is weird strong. All complain that doesn’t turn over a penny, you don’t sell more records, that even now no concerts bring more indirectly than once, except for the usual big names, and then it’s all a proliferation of cases, in the most effective way to make money to someone else. The talent, getting them, they are a kind of karaoke slightly more imbellettato, with competitors who meet weekly to having to compare with more or less known songs, including famous artists, from Annie Lennox to Lady Gaga, they face more and more proof of the standard collection, as in the case of the recent Nostalgia and Cheeck to Cheek, the latter pair between Germanotta and Tony Bennett. Our Gianna Nannini is going to come out with a collection of cover versions of songs written by fellow Italians, a way to overcome a vein of authorial drainage, malignant say. In short, the rage cover. The rest just go for a ride on the net, starting from social, and see that some of the cases, and not only did his warhorse. I think the giovaneJess Greenberg. Come on, don’t pretend not to know who he is, the girl who sings songs of Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac just voice and guitar, perpetually in Bra, experts say quid which guaranteed the young million views and shares. The Primus gave metaphorical prints to Primus and the Chocolate fatory with Fungi Ensemble, while the band in Oklahoma City has published "With a little help from my fwends, respectively, reproduction of the soundtrack of the film Charlie and the chocolate factory, in 70 years by David l. Wolper, the one with Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, and Sergent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles. Both bands, we told you, I’m pretty quirky, psychedelic way to them (in the sense that their music seems to often produced under the influence of psychotropic substances), which should ensure a degree of originality of the Fund, when it gets in front of the reinterpretation of the work to someone else so much consistent, in fact, the two works also demonstrate in a too obviousnot always be "strange" is a guarantee of originality. Or at least, not always the originality coincides with the final outcome. A ride on the carousel, so at 100 miles per hour. The Flaming Lips, forced by the cages that do require cover (if you change the melodic line and lyrics touch ask permission to holders of rights, and in the case of the Beatles is virtually impossible), we offer you a job so difficult, but certainly not for processing, how to surrender. Unable to put the scores, in fact, as had happened recently decided to work on the summa of sonority and hosted by putting on a load of couscous spices and flavors, definitely too many. Nearly thirty guests, we must say so frankly, I’m definitely too many. And also play on discordant sounds, treading in his hand on psychedelia already present in the original, create a job difficult, at times even uncomfortable. It had already happened in the past, however, when Wayne Coyne and Associates had ventured into the Dark side of the moon by Pink Floyd and the debut album the Stone Roses, more recently. A Pearl but there is, in this soup, and it is the version of Lucy in the sky with diamonds "with Moby and Miley Cyrus. This last, most often under the attention of the audience for the buttocks to the wind and its excessive poses, shows remarkable interpretative capacity, as had already happened to note to those who had heard the cases that usually publish on Twitter. In addition to the thong’s more.  We will come back on. Two difficult jobs, then, but both deserving of attention, more the first than the second.  But since it comes bands capable of creating their own sound world, their universe, I close quoting an unknown to most people, even unknown to all, that deserves attention. It’s a combo of the Northeast Italian, flies in the swamp, led by Giovanni Belcari young doctor. Their album Ultrafuck, son of a large family that sees as putative parents, Les Claypool, Mike Patton, Thurtston Moore and one at random samples of grunge, is of those unlikely a stereo that can do its job you decide to spit out, once ingoiatolo. Kind of a mix of Western musical culture, in rock, produced in the latter part of the last century, mixed and crushed and pulled out in a notable version. I was just Les Claypool or Wayne Coyne, the next round in Italy, I would have doubts about who to call on stage as openign act. Flies from Marsh, mark this name. Certain that the music world is weird strong. All complain that doesn’t turn over a penny, you don’t sell more records, that even now no concerts bring more indirectly than once, except for the usual big names, and then it’s all a proliferation of cases, in the most effective way to make money to someone else. The talent, getting them, they are a kind of karaoke slightly more imbellettato, with competitors who meet weekly to compare with more or less famous songs, including famous artists, from Annie Lennox to Lady Gaga, they face more and more proof of the standard collection, as in the case of recent etc, Similar text can be found checking reference.

Clown killers, psychosis even in France: aggression and ronde anti-clowns.

Dall’Emilia to France, the psychosis of "clown killers" comes across the Alps. For several weeks the French Gendarmerie is doing to deal with the fear of gangs of attackers dressed as clowns. From last September touched the phenomenon, in particular Italy Modena and Reggio Emilia, although there have been sightings in the rest of the peninsula. And if in the pianura padana to notices are never followed real cases, in France the situation is different because the psychosis caused real outbreaks of violence.  As reported by the newspaper Le Monde, law enforcement authorities in recent days have arrested 14 teenagers who went around masked and armed with pistols, knives, bars and baseball bats. In Montpellier a 35-year-old man was attacked with a locked 30 villain dressed as a clown, who along with two accomplices then robbed him. In the other three towns of Héreault region (South of France) several motorists complained of being assaulted by "violent clown". Agde passers who have reported to the police the presence of aggressive clown in a parking lot, which were eventually apprehended by the police. Even in France behind the clown’s ‘ fashion ‘ bully there would be nothing more than the proliferation of online video and tv series starring clowns not quite harmless. Beyond the Alps however to make more fear are not the clown, but the "hunters of clowns", which had appeared in Emilia shyly. In Frejus, Bordeaux or Sarrebourg young armed with baseball bats, knives or iron bars, members of anti-clown fantomatiche ronde, radunatesi online, were arrested during last weekend.  And now to worry about, beyond and this side of the Alps (psychosis you’d be spreading even in Belgium and Switzerland), especially the occurrence of Halloween. There are fears that for the occurrence of the phenomenon appeared on the internet can create emulation and the kids can dress up as a clown and pretend aggression, and therefore risk being crushed by their citizens on the net offer the ronde. The plot in Italy for now is always the same: on social network users from a particular village lost in the Emilian plain report seeing a clown armed pursue them. Wheel in the comments to post photos or videos are added (in many cases parts of horror movie or candid camera) scary masked characters portraying chasing terrified passers-by. The game is done: parents fearful for their kids (in some posts talking about attackers ready to snatch children to mothers) call the police. These however are not arrive any feedback. Only second hand items.  The masked assailants in fact reporting so far did never followed a complaint. Except in one case: last week, three students of 14 years were in turn accused of simulation of crime and aiding and abetting. The three were invented they were attacked by two clowns in the Centre of Reggio Emilia, and had regular complaint filed. Pressed by the men of the weapon that no feedback to their version, the youth admitted that he invented everything to justify a delay in school. The military, coordinated by the Prosecutor’s Office in Reggio Emilia pursue in finding whoever is stirring up fears over the internet. For those who were caught to spread the risk of psychosis is a complaint for procured alarm. But in the meantime, after the hoax of the three students, a prime achievement for the police has already been achieved: in Reggio Emilia there are practically more alerts of clowns on the street, while in recent weeks had been dozens every day. . Original source may be read checking the following web site.

ZDFneo boss: We want to remain a pulse generator.

In his first five years since its founding, the transmitter has brought more than 70 formats on the screen, as Channel Chief Simone Emmelius says in an interview with the News Agency dpa. Since not all Grimme price suspicious or crowned is of course. But just as it progresses. Answer: There are selected individual spectators from the audience in advance, researched their traces in the Internet and the result comes on the show. This is a fine example that illustrates the ZDFneo claim to be just too corporate – and social at the pulse of time. So don’t simply to say: this is all super!, but to draw attention also to dangers or problems. In a playful and revealing at this point manner. Answer: Barnaby reached ZDFneo regularly about 250 000 to 300 000 viewers aged between 14 and 49 years. The most successful broadcasts for 14 to 49 in the same order of magnitude are channels like Sixx or Nitro. Only difference is that Barnaby accomplished even more viewers in that are older. But the question is of course based on the roadmap of ZDFneo: what is what myself and other can do as, for example, the huge ZDF neo. Answer: With own offers the sensitivities and realities of our target group to capture, to make authentic and very consistently in focus. It’s about the big issues of our time, which are like an elephant in the room. Asylum, racism, how can us to disassemble a mountain that can lift everyone into chunks? I think that because in some places what we succeeded. Answer: We started with Manuel possible and wild Germany, seeking with Mr Eppert. Factual entertainment genre, we have developed for ZDF, that there was previously only in private. Now we pointed to further the genre, toward social factual. With formats such as fleeing, Ausgekokst – my drug trip, the racist in us and the issues of asylum, discrimination and addiction. The approach is to meet people from our age, to make them protagonists and to make others understand their experiences. Them to show what actually course in the bud. Answer: I like the idea. On the other hand you have to be very careful with such comparisons. Apart from that: Yes there’s HBO. But the claim has been: to develop continuously and consistently new. And also in different genres. Or within the genre new accents to set. In the area of the large, broad shows we have to say also in realistic assessment of our forces: as we focus on the segment of late night and talk. But since then committed and ambitious, with projects such as Kessler is,., Kuttner plus two and of course the neo magazine. Answer: We develop just a prison sitcom titled the jail. There, it will be important to reflect the reality in the very concentrated environment of a prison outside from the perspective of the prison inmates and to break. There is a really great cast we succeeded with Denis Moschitto, but also Martin Semmelrogge. We start to turn now in November in Berlin. Other fictional projects are the TVLab winner 2014 Blockbustaz with Eko fresh and the political satire HaJo calibrating forest. Up to the most ambitious project, an own drama series, which we take for next autumn in attack. At this point, I can tell but still no longer. Answer: others must judge. What I can say is that we try very much within our possibilities. We have developed over 70 formats in the five years of our history and brought to the screen. That is a huge number for such a small station. Since not all Grimme price suspicious or crowned is of course. But just as it progresses. Answer: In this portfolio includes all in, of course also the streaming. That’s why is so important to make ZDFneo a reliable starting point for this target group. The more this market on splits and he is depending on unreliable for the individual, it is less sorted, all the more problematic and more difficult to land among the people. This is the big challenge that I see. Now we must anchor it, so that it still works in five, ten, twenty years. THE PERSON: Simone Emmelius, born 1958 in Heidelberg, is officially only been two and a half years at the helm of ZDFneo with good 40 employees. Marked it has the digital transmitter of the first hour. As editor-in-Chief of them contributed to structure, alignment and program design. Previously, she had built the digital television activities of including the digital channel ZDF Infokanal and ZDFdokukanal ZDF since 1996 and led. . You must visit the following to read more regarding this interesting subject.

Health: biologists, table on laboratory tariffs or 2,500 structures at risk.

Rome, Oct. 29 (Reuters Health)-a technical table to discuss rates, otherwise 2. 500 accredited analysis laboratories will be forced to close. The situation is becoming more critical, the harmful effects that the Decree Balduzzi is having on many laboratories it jeopardizes the survival: we’re talking about 24 thousand biologists who work between public and private sectors. It is the appeal launched by Ermanno Calcatelli, President of the national order of biologists. We are working on these days to raise awareness among ministries of health and economic development-adds-on this issue that threatens to open a State of crisis for the industry. We trust that in the coming weeks there will be a meeting to plan a shared location that we bring to the table. With the 40% cut of tariffs provided for by the Decree Balduzzi (Law 189 of 2012) private accredited laboratories are doomed. Will survive only those who make 500 thousand performances a year, but most do not exceed 70-80 thousand average performance. The result also forced scheduled aggregation in many region, precise Calcatelli. It is impossible to maintain a high quality level in doing analysis and testing with too low rates-warns the President of Onb-then don’t be surprised if on the web there are discounted offers for Diagnostics or other tests, but who guarantees the quality of the reagents, maybe ‘ made in China ‘, with bargain prices?. Second, About the crisis in this sector is reflected on all. X data University Health Report Tor Vergata of Rome presented today, indicating how the Italy for health spends much less than other European countries, are demonstrating-ends-that serves a different step to return this country and who, as analytical laboratories, is crucial to ensuring the health services in the territory, to Excel. . Original facts can be studied checking the following website.