Future EU Commission Chief Juncker: climate Saviour unwillingly.

Juncker himself would have probably wanted more than 30 percent energy efficiency. He is for a continuation of the previous path of efficiency, he wrote in his political guidelines for the European Parliament. That would be just under two percentage points of energy savings per year. And so a Christmas social, considered when it comes to climate protection hardly progressive, is all people suddenly become the hope for dedicated parliamentarians and eco lobbyists. The Greens want to take him at his word and nail on higher efficiency targets. The conservative Parlamentarierer Liese wants to knock out even higher efficiency targets in the coming discussions between Member States and the European Parliament, and hopes thereby to Juncker. And industry associations hold compared to the incumbent EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso Juncker at least for the lesser of two evils. Juncker has understood in contrast to the old Commission that is energy efficiency of the key to growth and independence in Europe, says Carsten Müller, Chief of the DENEFF efficiency Association. Believe me: 30 per cent are ambitious, acting Günther Oettinger Commissioner for energy said Europe on Wednesday. There are many Blocker on the subject of efficiency. Some could not afford to ambitious actions, others see a more Eurocratic tight rein in the specifications. Barroso argued mainly because this Blocker for a low target, it is said in Brussels. He had feared that the entire climate package ultimately fails because of the dispute over some percentage points of efficiency. . For extended data about this topic check http://cht.mindreadingsecrets.biz.

The principles against Manichaeism.

There was a time where we marched to the cry of war, it stinks, it pollutes and it makes con. This principled pacifism, if it was not devoid of a certain candour against the ups and downs of the world, seems to me not the worst positions. Instead, the years passing, I still me claim this inheritance, without mistake it also avecle reign of emotion and I make him reach another tradition, the Republic which, here or in the world, means a fight for firm principles and for the emancipation of humanity. This is not empty words but of a thread. It is the spirit of the Republic to do blow. First twist the neck to a poorly thought out and poorly chosen phrase: the equilibrium position. Alternatively give satisfaction to each and then other, weigh each return to concede the same number of words to the other camp, contrive, in the end, enter in to gruesome accounts. The conflict between Israel and Palestine calls in contrast to prudence and defence of farms principles, only useful to peoples protagonists in this conflict. Because, since a few days or weeks, it cannot be said that the reason prevails. The onslaught of radical positions, inaccuracies in arguments that are only more false becomes unbearable. What you read on social networks, for example, shows that amalgam and caricatures are legion. We must go back to the principles, those of the Republican France, principles upheld in the 1980s and 1990s by François Mitterrand. Over the years, this policy has not changed. It was based on the idea that Israel has the right to its security and the Palestinians right to a sovereign State. The France reminded the protagonists in this conflict the principles beyond the ups and downs, human tragedies and events marking the Middle East. This is because this policy based on principles fades that appears that balance which paves the way for community management of the stakes of this conflict. There is indeed a more than regrettable tendency to the communitisation of the public debate. It cannot be denied that some or others, through understandable identification, feel more cohesive one or the other camp. But is it up to the Republican institutions to seek religious leaders to prevent conflicts that may arise in our cities? There is a dangerous trend and it is surprising to see that the public debate as well as the necessary Republican events are overshadowed by. . . collective prayers. The Republican debate, civil concord are cults. There is another thread red of our history, legacy of the wars of religion. Once more, the principles are clear: it cannot tolerate or anti-Semitism or anti-Muslim racism, both suggesting in speeches on this conflict to achieve the Republic in making strength, equality between its citizens beyond the differences in beliefs. Positions on this conflict cannot untie the principles of the Republic, nor is this debate cannot be delegated to a form of communitarianism. When away from the principles for balance, it lets go to communitarianism. When away from the principles, it lets go to Manichaeism which is only the fruit of the reign of emotion. Emotion, indeed, is reversible and there succumb prevents to hold a firm line over the years. At such drama will succeed another, not necessarily to the same camp. The victimaires competitions can quickly settle down and ruin the possibilities of resolving this conflict. To save peace, without doubt, the principles should prevail over emotion. We know, it is not a single conflict. It is another reason to stick to some principles farms. Indeed, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been the hostage of the East-West conflict and regional geopolitics. It was often exploited by neighboring regimes of Israel and Palestine. September black to today, the Palestinian cause has been used for the purposes of regional geopolitics by various Middle Eastern regimes. Yesterday the Iraq of Saddam Hussein, Syria and Hafez Al-Assad since 1979, Iran, quick to play his card in this conflict,. One cannot deny the policy short-sighted Israeli radicals who after the death of Arafat, believed clever play on the division of the Palestinian camp. Peace exist. For decades, it is not lack of political leaders who share and others, sought to advance the solutions allowing Israel to live in security and to Palestine to build State and equip his people of real sovereignty. It should be noted that, as always in history, there are those who make the wars and those who benefit. It cannot obviously failing to point out that, as any conflict, forces feed and to benefit both politically but also economically and financially. Share and others, some have done everything to derail the Oslo Accords. Peace, sometimes less than war reports. The France must apply to all, encourage the protagonists in the conflict to reach out to. It should also reaffirm the pre-eminence of the community of citizens on communitarianism. Independence on the international and Republic citizen go hand in hand. . Original facts can be found clicking this homepage.

Downed flight, first corpses in Holland black boxes delivered to British experts.

Is national mourning today in Holland where he expected the repatriation of some of the victims ‘ bodies from the downed Boeing Malaysian in Ukraine: at Eindhoven airport are expected in the afternoon, the premier Mark Rutte, the King and Queen, Willem-Alexander and Maxima. There will be the victims ‘ families, and representatives of the other 10 countries which had passengers boarded on flight MH17. After the arrival of the two planes, one from Australian transport and that Dutch military from Ukraine, the bodies will be transferred to the city of Hilversum for identification, a process, said yesterday the head of Government, which could take months. The arrival of the planes will be observed a minute’s silence.   The King and Queen had met two days ago the victims ‘ families in Nieuwegein near Utrecht. A meeting which was also the Prime Minister Mark Rutte and during which the Kings and the head of Government had been unable to testify directly to family involvement in their grief and provide the necessary support. When you spread the news of the tragedy, after hastily cancelled the press conference scheduled for July 18 that traditionally precedes the beginning of the summer, leave the Kings had released a statement and the King was then went to sign the book of condolence at the Ministry of Justice.   Monday, concluded the meeting with the families of the deceased, 193 passengers Dutch the sovereign had issued a new statement: "today there was a meeting with the families of the victims of the air disaster which occurred in the East of Ukraine. My wife and I were there. We were deeply affected by the shocking and personal stories of those who have lost loved ones. " "Their pain, their feeling of helplessness and their desperation is harrowing. Many of them have told us: ‘ we want to at least be able to say goodbye properly to those we love. " "In recent days, people gathered across the Netherlands, and will continue to do so. In offices, schools, in clubs throughout the country. " «I would like to express my consideration for all the people who gather around the people affected by the tragedy. Relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues: your presence is essential, at this time. "   . Extended information can be read visiting website.

Nicolas and Carla on a scooter, not even afraid of the highway code.

The scooter is a means of transport to be fashionable in our policies. After the Garcia case which revealed the passion of Francois Hollande for the night on two wheels, Nicolas Sarkozy has also succumbed to the charms of life to Italian. An idyll revealed by coverage of the Match nouveauParis which began to fuiter on social networks. There is the former president of the Republic and his wife, Carla Bruni, enjoying a simple joy to the holidays: scooter rides, bare arms and hair to the wind. A normal couple. In bermuda, pareo, return of public alakeorabeach. More and more hurry on the way to his return to politics, Nicolas Sarkozy seems to have forgotten basic security rules since the helmets remained in the garage. Illegal behaviour if we follow the highway code. According to article R. 431 – 1, any driver or passenger of a motorcycle, a motor tricycle, a moped or a motor quadricycle must be wearing a helmet of an approved type. Infringements, the driver and his passenger can bail each a fine of 90 euros, the scooter can be immobilized and the pilot may lose three points to his licence. In good lawyers (or moralistic: is quo i? the ProVoc? an arm of honour to justice?), Internet users were eager to point the behavior of the former head of State. Or divert. . You must read the following http://cht.mindreadingsecrets.biz to read extra about this great topic.

The maxi Cape treasure ultrà “Diabolik” seized: 2.3 million had assets.

The GdF has identified and removed to the Irreducible, jailed in Rebibbia since September for drug trafficking, a considerable heritage consisting of real estate, cars and corporate holdings. The money realized mainly through the sale of gadgets of Lazio. Wife and daughter also involved The Gico (organized crime Investigation Group) of the Guardia di Finanza of Rome have seized goods for more than 2.3 million euros to Fabrizio Piscitelli, said Vinod, head of Lazio’s ultras. The exponent of the Irreducible group, jailed in Rebibbia since last September for drug trafficking and involved in the past in other criminal matters, were removed from buildings, cars, corporate interests and actions.   The preventive seizure provisions of the Court of Rome in detail covered: corporate assets and assets of a company, based in Rome, for the wholesale of clothing and accessories; mutual fund and entire patrimony of a cultural association, based in Rome, managed by other prominent figures of the extreme fringe of Lazio supporters, cultural and recreational purposes; shares of a company, based in Rome, for the production in the fields of printing, publishing and graphics; 2 buildings, large companies and value, in Grottaferrata (Rome); 3 vehicles; Bank/postal relations/insurance/actions. For a value of more than 2. 300.000 euro.   Diabolik is already subjected to special surveillance for three years with obligation to stay in the municipality of residence. In 2013 was arrested from finance as a promoter, financier and organizer of buying large quantities of hashish from Spain, introduced into Italy via couriers. Piscicelli had relations between 1991 and 1992 with the boss of the camorra transplanted to Rome Michele Senese, who through Diabolik and his brother Gennaro Senese had tightened agreements with the clan at the time Abbot hegemon in San Giorgio a Cremano (Naples). Agreements aimed at supplying heroin from Turkey, via Germany and hashish from Spain. In more recent times Piscicelli was involved in the process attempted to climb on Lazio with criminal and capitals in many violent incidents in stadiums.   . For more regarding this topic click http://cht.mindreadingsecrets.biz.

Stamina: Uncategorized, no nurse may be obligated to infusions.

Rome, 22 Jul. (Reuters Health)-Any nurse can be obliged to take part in scientifically validated practices, if not by voluntary participation. The Uncategorized protect in all locations their subscribers who receive service orders to that effect. To declare it is the President of the National Federation of Colleges Uncategorized Annalisa Silvestro, who sided openly with the President of the province of Brescia, Stefano Bazzana, in clear opposition to the order to recruit nurses in operating room and anesthesia nurses to implement the so-called Stamina method. The latest infusion were carried out today to Spedali Civili di Brescia.   It is a fact that at the moment there is no evidence of effectiveness-continues Silvestro, Senator of the Democratic Party-Bunting treatment: articles 11 and 12 of our code of ethics state that nurse work based on validated knowledge, while recognising the value of research, clinical trials and assistance for the development of knowledge for the benefits of attending. This means, according to Uncategorized, guarantee and service and proximity to patients and their families, but we cannot accept-explains Senator-to participate in the administration of a treatment not validated nor patented.   . You should visit this http://cht.mindreadingsecrets.biz to discover more about this great topic.

Mont-Saint-Michel: the bridge opened to pedestrians.

The bridge leading to the Mont-Saint-Michel (Manche) was opened to pedestrians Tuesday afternoon, allowing visitors to reach the mount without borrow the dike-road leading thereto until then for the first time, found the AFP. This book, whose construction began in 2011, is a key element of the recovery project of the maritime character of Mont-St.-Michel, gigantic site launched in 2006. Of 760 meters long and 11 meters wide, this bridge describing an elegant curve devotes a walk in broad Oak of 4.50 metres for pedestrians. Vehicles – automobiles and horse-drawn shuttles, emergency services and delivery – must however wait until October before you can borrow it. The completion of the bridge, signed by the Austrian architect Dietmar Feichtinger, does not mean the end of work, expected in summer 2015. According to the Syndicat mixte of the Bay of Mont-St-Michel, who pilot project, the wide esplanade at the foot of the ramparts, which leads the bridge, will be completed in late September, putting an end point to the construction of the new access. The fall will also mark the beginning of the destruction of the dike-road, which will take six months. Once the work is completed, the sea should surround mount almost half of the year. And the foot of the rock a swim 20 days per year. Private vehicles no longer have access from 2012 to Mont-St.-Michel, heritage of Unesco in 1979. The mountain is one of the first french tourist sites, with 2.3 million visitors in 2013. . Similar facts can be found reading http://cht.mindreadingsecrets.biz.

Transfer: The Colombian James Rodriguez for six seasons at Real Madrid.

The Colombian star striker of the AS Monaco James Rodriguez, scorer of the Brazil World Cup, has signed for six seasons at Real Madrid, the Madrid club said on Tuesday. James Rodriguez, aged 23 years and author of six goals during the world, will be presented on Tuesday evening at the Santiago Bernabeu. After German midfielder Toni Kroos, it is the second recruit of weight of Real for the next season. Real Madrid and AS Monaco have reached an agreement for the transfer of James Rodriguez, who will be bound to the club for the next six seasons, announced the Madrid club in a statement. According to Spanish newspapers AS and Marca, the two clubs reached agreement on a transfer of EUR 80 million. Tuesday morning, the Colombian player had passed his medical examination in a clinic in Madrid. I am very happy. We will talk later, he briefly said to the journalists who were waiting for him at the exit. The Colombian striker has been the revelation of the world. Dazzling in the stadium Maracana of Rio in 8th in final against the Uruguay, he had signed a beautiful cover of fly, voted best goal of the competition by 75% of the four million voters of a poll on the fifa website. com Uruguayan coach Oscar Tabarez had compared him with Maradona and Messi, those players who succeed things because they are special. . For more data on this topic check source.

Montélimar: it takes the highway bike to arrive on time to work.

Motorists driving on the A7 in the Rhone Valley Monday morning were surprised to see a bicycle which was travelling on the emergency stop band, report France blue. Late to take his position at a restaurant in Montélimar service area, a seasonal 20-year-old thought it would go faster through the motorway between Montélimar-Nord and Montélimar-Sud. Motorists alerted the police who stopped the cyclist. The young woman is shown to be very surprised, it was unaware that it was forbidden to travel by bike on the highway. Originally from the nearby village of Espeluche, she explains applied his way to a passer-by near Montélimar-Nord motorway interchange. Human would then replied: ‘ pass the tollbooth and everything right. " The girl is not asked more question, and was dark. The seasonal had already rolled 4 km on the highway when the gendarmes have intercepted it. Fortunately, she was travelling in the right direction of movement. The young woman will receive a fine of 90 euros for traffic on the tape of an emergency stop. The Mounties finally led to his work. . You must read the following http://cht.mindreadingsecrets.biz to discover extra on this amazing matter.

Occupation: video game player.

For this reason, we welcome the initiative of Sonyvisant, for the promotion of the remastered version of the game The Last of Us to come to Paris his two leading actors: Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson. The idea is excellent, because this title developed by Naughty Dog, become the most award-winning history of the video game, owes its success and success to the masterly performance of the two actors. The first, Troy Baker (Joel in the game), began his career in dubbing of animated films before becoming one of the biggest names in the video game. It is found in the casting of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Metal Gear Solid V, Batman Arkham Origins, Saints Row 4, Bioshock Infinite, Resident Evil 6, The Walking Dead, Darksiders II, Final Fantasy XIII,. The list is long but not exhaustive, it should still mention the jeuInfamous: Second sound that has the specificity only which actor has the same head as his character. The second, Ashley Johnson, is rather new in the video game. It owes its fame to its role – child – in the television series what’s new doctor, emblematic of the beginning of the 1990s. She then played in other series and movies like the color of the Avengers Sentimentsou. 31 years old actress embodies in The Last of Us, the character of Ellie, a 14-year-old girl. But as Ashley Johnson recalled in an interview, she who has the experience of a film packed with digital effects with Avengers, technology is not the same. The motion capture (often used in the cinema) to have the sensors on the body of the actor to reproduce its movement in space and within a defined framework. The decor is built for party, blue screens or green replacing the digital sets that will be added in post-production. Performance capture, used for The Last of Usva even further: thanks to sensors on the face, it becomes not only possible to capture the game and the emotion of the actor, but filming there is even more decor since the entirety of the final image will be composed digitally. Dozens of cameras are placed around the actors, and it is after the shooting that the Director will be able to define the framework and the angle of view, with an endless choice. For The Last Of Us, not less than 180 cameras have so arranged around the actors in scenes of filming. Ashley Johnson: Performance capture in the video game is really very different from the film. Already, you’re dressed with this very strange costume, then there is no environment, no decor, you are forced to rely on your imagination and sometimes it is really a great challenge. In a way it’s more fun, in the same way that reading a book can be more exciting than to see a movie. Obviously, the work of the actor is transformed. In a film or a television series, accessories, decor work for you, and facilitate entering in the role. With performance capture, you are naked, it is necessary to overcome obstacles without a net. In this sense, the approach is different. For me, this is almost a superior form of game because literally the only thing on which you can relax, it’s your partner’s game, and your Director says Troy Baker. He added: I think we’ll see more and more often of video game characters look like their actors. But my desire, it is rather to disappear behind the role. Play is to remove the person to reveal a character. In fact, the characters do not have the same head as the players in The Last of Us, but as shown by the images of filming illustrating this article, it does not doubt that their expressions, their postures and their emotions are those of actor realizing the performance. Beyond this performance, the production of a video game is not at all the same scale as a film. Actress Ellen Page recounted receiving a script from 2000 pages prior to be chosen for the cast of the game Beyond: Two Souls. This isn’t as well as The Last Of Us actors have worked (if they had read a full script before filming, it would surely be much thicker). Naughty Dog has provided them with a pitch, and a few scenes key to casting, where two actors Alchemy was immediate between them. Three years! While a film involves usually a few weeks of shots, The Last of Us will need three years of filming. For a production that lasted more than five years in all. Troy Baker: The beauty of the work on The Last of Us, it is that philosophy was to always improve. Sometimes we were shooting a scene, which went into production, and after the realization of full level, you could ask us to redo this scene to improve it. It happened sometimes three or four times until it is perfect. It took really long time. For the promotion of the game Beyond: Two Souls, actor Willem Defoe told that twenty minutes of useful images were recorded every day, against an average two minutes for a movie. A tenfold productivity! For a video game, the effort applied to the actor is indeed often much greater with a high level of requirement. On The Last of Us, preparation of actors was made scene by scene, with a permanent work of the Director and the writer alongside them a very long shoot time. As in a film, it was necessary to understand the issues of each scene [for which they generally had the script the same day]. We have for example spent a lot of time on the stage of reunion at the ranch, when Joel finds Ellie and they have this dispute. says Troy Baker. This work has been paid both it is clear that the success ofthe Last of Us must at the emotional involvement caused by the interaction of the two main characters: Joel, father of a girl who died in the first minutes of the game, and Ellie, the teenager he met ten years later, and it takes under his wing in an America where all political and economic foundations collapsed after an outbreak. The intelligence of the title, rather than focus on the fight scenes with the zombies (in reality, humans infected by the epidemic) is to make these rare moments, and to give priority to the construction of a story that will involve the player during twenty hours who see through the four seasons which are atmospheres. The threat is most often noticeable in other survivors crossed in the game with the monsters whose frightening appearances remind the belles heures of the survival horror genre. But what remains in memory after the controller, it is a fantastic story, carried by major actors, and unforgettable moments of pure emotion, such as the discovery of the giraffes escaped a Zoo, the death of the daughter of Joel in the preface, or the last minutes of the game. Probably for these qualities, The Last of most award-winning Usest become in less than a year the video game in history, with over two hundred awards in the world. It is July 30 in a completely remastered on PlayStation 4 version. Without revolutionizing the experience, the graphical improvements are notable, and it becomes possible to play high definition (1080 p) with a rate of 60 frames per second. The fluidity of the game is very improved, to the point that it is possible (optional) back to a half rate for those that disrupt it. The performance of the players is obviously magnified by this new version. If The Last of Us was a film, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson would be instant stars. Hope that with this game that will date, it will be possible to follow the path marked out by Andy Serkis in the cinema: access a wide reputation for the quality of their performance without spectators don’t know their faces. But, frankly, isn’t a little bit frustrated to remain in the shadow of developers and studios? What I appreciate is that Naughty Dog and Sony have always recognized the value of the work of the actors on their production, and today I am facing you to tell you about. This would never have happened five years ago. . For extra facts about this matter check http://cht.mindreadingsecrets.biz.